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TETRASKELE® is operated by a private group dedicated to the on-going rediscovery of sacred occult (hidden) sciences. It was this science, known as the Arcanum, that was universally known and applied in archaic times. Most of the more prominent examples of Megalithic architecture of the ancient world were both initiation as well as healing centers. Stonehenge is one example, as are the Mexican temple of Teotihuacan, the Lebanese Temple of Baalbek, as well as many others. One of the oldest examples is the recently discovered temple complex at Göbekli Tepe, which predates any such temple we know of to date. ALL of these temples were linked to Alchemy, archaic Astrology and were healing centers for the body and the soul.

We are dedicated to exposing the true science of the ancient world to modern man, and we seek to assist mankind to reclaim its heritage to cosmic consciousness. We wish to raise his consciousness and his gaze once more heavenward, to assist in a return to a civilization in touch with, and in tune to, the intentions of Nature herself.

Our work is largely independent of any modern group or movement. We are not ‘new age’ syncretists, nor are we aligned with any organized belief or philosophical system. We believe that the ancient truths can be, and are being restored, and enthusiastically anticipate the continuing outpouring of gnosis (aka revelation) to which we have been grateful recipients. We do hold the universe exists solely because of its underlying aetheric medium, and the primordial action of the first consciousness, God, who initiated duality within this infinite, tessellated fabric. We call this fabric the Aether; preferring the older spelling, if only as a reaction to its use as a dysphemism by its opponents.

In a nutshell, Nature wants us to succeed, to evolve, to continue expanding the Creation itself. We maintain that the legends of a Golden Age or reason and peace, is based in ancient truth. We believe that the occult Arcanum (as it was called) is what remains of the ancient sciences once extant in that age. Our efforts are focused on bringing together as much of these ancient truths as possible, and to reconciling them in a single coherent cosmological model. This unified modeling has been attempted before. The old term Grand Unifying Theory was one of its names. We might also use “GUT,” but we might use this acronym for the term GRAND UNDERLYING THEORY, as opposed to Einstein’s Grand Unifying Theory. More formally, we refer to this GUT as the Walkman-Taddei GUT, with nods to Charles Walkman III, who first introduced the fundamentals of his Aether theory to the world, publicly, in 1984.

In terms of the ideas now in prevalent among cosmologists, and omnipresent in “open literature” of our times, we insist that most of the fundamentals from which modern cosmology has projected its modeling, are in fact in error. Likewise, in terms of occult knowledge and theories now in wide circulation, many of the principles embraced by modern esotericists are based in misinterpreted concepts of arcane knowledge, and have been borrowed from divergent folk magic traditions, and corrupted through modern syncretism. The result is that modern science has lost its connection to TRUE Cosmology, and modern Occultism lacks a true cosmological foundation.

As both the prevailing understanding of the universe is wrong, as is — by direct inference — our understanding of the nature of God, we find modern man lacks much of the knowledge required to engineer and advance human spiritual evolution: Mankind's hoped for evolution must be based in a true cosmological understanding, or it will fail.

The ancients insisted that the great outpourings of wisdom came through oracles: men and women who were able to extract insights and visions of past, present and future events, from the fabric of the universe itself, and return to their bodies with at least some of the information gleaned from such Mystical Experiences, intact. We claim that this in in fact there we have garnered much of the collected insights and knowledge presented in this website: both from direct at-one-ment, as well as from on-going gnosis (revelatory insights). However, gnosis (BINAH) and empirical observation and logic (CHOKMAH) are both required for any true “understanding” of the TRUE Cosmology and our place within it (DAAT).

All of the discoveries within this website are ultimately linked to our understanding of, and work with the TRUE Cosmology of the Aether. This can also be said of the discoveries of all of the great minds of our race, and this is clearly evidence when we peruse the work of the greatest minds we have known even in our own times — men like Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla, as examples. All understood some aspects of the Aether.

The Aether was called by many names anciently, including the Akasha, Soph, the Primeval Waters of Nun, the ALL, and so forth. We embrace the idea that it behooves us all to seek for Gnosis and Revelation. There is no more fundamental right nor critical mandate more important to our personally evolution, than the inwardly focused search for fundamental truth.

From the true ancient hermetic, esoteric and occult disciplines, arose the ancient oracles or sages, the likes of Enoch, Thoth, Abraham, Zoroaster, Krishna, the Buddha, Christ, and so on. A core cosmology based in an understanding of the Aether (aka the Akasha, the ALL, Soph, etc) was common to all 'sacred science', and this true cosmology was the common foundation shared by all such traditions. This can be traced clear back into antiquity, when — the legends hold — this science was shared by all, and the world lived in peace. This was known as the Golden Age.

Our goal is to assist mankind in returning to this state — to usher in a renewed Golden Age. To do this, we must reveal to mankind to its true origins and heritage. This is our primary mission.

The fact that all of these sites also lie along only recently re-discovered global energetic ley lines, is also indicative of their ultimate purposes—linked to healing. Ubiquitous ancient tales of human longevity and spiritual as well as technological enlightenment (as in the stories of the Golden Age,) were fundamentally true. All of this knowledge was based in a sacred science—a cosmological science of Aether. The magnificent megalithic structures found on all continents, the tales of a Golden Age that existed before the last Ice Age, and the legendary Atlantis, are directly linked to foundational knowledge of the true cosmology of the aether. This singular cosmology lies behind all of our many discoveries, and was taught — for the first time in this millennia — at our old TETRASKELE® facility.

Although now behind us, we still encourage all seekers of esoteric and occult truth to experience the light of archaic wisdom we offer, now through the convenience this web site.

In antiquity this 'sacred science' was only passed from mouth to mouth by adept to initiate. If this chain of hermetic wisdom was broken by disasters and geopolitical upheavals, it was often lost (in the region or regions affected). As modern man spirals headlong into his own destruction with weapons of mass destruction, with the attendant depletion of natural resources and destruction of the environment, his cultures also are becoming exponentially more corrupted, He is separating himself from Nature herself. These trends cannot continue. It is not technology that will save mankind, but wisdom.

Tetraskele is dedicated to the attainment of this ancient ideal once again—a sacred science coupled with great wisdom. Like the phoenix—a symbol of the universal cycles of entropic devolution and rebirth—we hold that the current system will immolate itself before it is raised once again to its potential, and rebirth. We believe in this Golden Age ideal. However, it is only through the knowledge contained in what was once referred to as the (great) Arcanum that this dream can be realized once again. It is to this end—the revealing of true cosmology of the Arcanum, and the sciences that flow from this knowledge—that Tetraskele is dedicated.

We retain the ideal of an outreach center, and so will be offering much of our decades of learning to the public, as time and opportunity permits. As an online presence, our unique store remains an outlet for all sorts of unique, natural (and many truly ancient) alternative healing tools and solutions, as well as consciousness-related products and technologies. Sales of those products and training courses help to fund our operations and on-going research. If you like what we stand for, and what we are trying to achieve, then we are sure that you'll love our products as well. Many of our offerings are to be had no where else.

The alchemical products we offer (from SpagyricArts, LLC®, the research branch of this consortium) are the product of over a decade of research and ground-breaking discoveries that have a full revival of ancient alchemy, as well as revealing an heretofore unsuspected occult history and agenda which rolled on for centuries on this the North American continent. Following the tradition of hermetic restitution, we present the world with a coherent esoteric, cosmologically-based science and philosophy for its consideration. This is our legacy, and it is based on the ancient esoteric ideals that once resulted in the manifestation of the fabulous Library of Alexandria, Egypt.

We are lifting the veil on a past hidden from the purview of a world ever more obsessed with vulgar materialism. As this veils is pulled aside, it reveals a past replete with a highly advanced and consilient body of knowledge, reinforced by a lucid philosophy in harmony with the purposes of the Creation itself. The ancient world view was so different from our own, that modern science has largely misread what remains of its art and symbols, presenting us with a darkened and cynical revisionist fable that denies the enlightenment once extant, and labels it with the euphemistic title: 'primitive.' We suggest that a NEW definition of 'primitive' as "pre-devolutionary" is in order!


Although there is little doubt that many primitive and uncivilized peoples flourished at locations across the earth, they did so alongside more enlightened civilizations. In reading these ancient sites we often forget that, first, what we see on the surface (both figuratively and literally) represents the final stages of a civilization's development. Secondly, what is becoming very clear — if you accept what we now do from our own exhaustive research, as well as evidence forming in from all over the world — mankind does not necessarily evolve, as much as he does devolve, through time. Calling mankind civilized today — when by comparison peace reigned almost planet-wide anciently, and advanced science is clearly obvious from the megalithic ruins of the past whose glory our own accomplishments in architecture do not yet eclipse — now seems a spurious conclusion. As we destroy our planet, maintain bloody conflicts across the globe, poison our own food supplies, and maintain ever lower levels of education, one might argue that we are devolving. This is both what modern data suggests, and what the oldest extant esoteric documents tell us as well. This is diametrically opposed to the tenets of modern science, based as it is on an underlying premise of uniformitarianism. We now have much evidence to argue that this is backwards.

It is also obvious to us — through an honest appraisal of the evidence and oral traditions of ancient societies — that an altruistic, hierophantic spirit was omnipresent among early peoples. This attitude is largely lacking today, for we live in an unbalanced, materialistic society with little hope unless a massive paradigm shift in human thinking rears its head. Sadly, the ancient writings of the Kolbrin, the Book of Mormon, the ancient Hebrew Torah, John's Book of the Apocalypse, and legends and myths the world over, all speak of these shifts not as the result of 'global warming' or mere plate tectonics, but the result of nature stepping in to balance what Mankind has done to tip the scales of planetary harmony in the direction of desolation. In all of the ancient texts, and hoary myths, the end of each ‘Age of Man’ comes from the heavens as a comet paroxysm. In fact, it is also clear that these cycles of destruction drive evolution itself!

The discoveries documented in the pages of this website were not the result of luck, or accident. It was years spent investigating the distant past, both in terms of cosmology, evolution, and the ancient hermetic and esoteric traditions, that prepared us for these breakthroughs. Most of our discoveries that preceded the decipherment of ancient rock art in the Old and New Worlds, began as we were filming a documentary on these cycles of comet-driven, global disasters. We were layering the story with the human elements of migration and cultural diffusion that resulted from these cyclic, regional and global devastations, and the environmental impacts of the same.

Suspecting that migrations were often transoceanic (the mounting evidence in every field of science suggests nothing less than this), we sought for evidence of pre-Columbian european migrations of cultures, across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. We found this in Colorado and Oklahoma. However, we found much more than we had hoped for. And these discoveries presented us with a global enigma.

The evidence for pre-Columbian transoceanic diffusion is ubiquitous. Once you know what you are looking for, the idea that scholars still deny this only goes to show that the best library is the field itself. Sophistry is not new to our times, and the sofa is not the place for discovery. To make a long story very short, we we decided to expand our search for this evidence at sites west of the cordillera, things took a dramatic turn.

A coherent and logical, natural philosophy (and what can only pass for high science), was once extant right across the planet. It also appears to have been proliferated by a long line of traveling priest-astrologer-alchemists, esoteric teachers from numerous locations across the Old World, for millennia. Their presence is indicated in rock art found across the planet, as well as in enthnographies recorded by anthropologists — the Amerindians universally calling them their "teachers." Nowhere were there more of these teachers, nor more oral traditions concerning them, then are found among the older Amerindian tribes of the Great Basin (the desert basin region west of the Rocky Mountains of North America).


These hierophants were often symbolized in rock art, by those they taught. They were revered as holy man of God, and depicted in rock art by a unique and instantly recognizable form of ideogram which has been mistaken for literal depictions of sheep (big bellied sheep) by the euro-centric academics of modern science. These anthropologists and archaeologists dismiss this big-bellied sheep tradition as superstitious rock art meant to insure good hunting. And yet, there have been very few remains of mountain sheep found at ancient sites used to prepare food by Great Basin indian nations.

Our esoteric decipherment demonstrates that fact, in point of fact, these 'sheep' are ideogrammatic ideograms, depictions of ancient iron cauldrons, sporting the symbol of Aeries, the symbol of alchemical Calcination. This was the purpose of the ancient iron and bronze cauldrons of the alchemist — the oxidation of prima materia ores destined for further processing into the legendary "elixir of life.'

These 'head' symbols are found to vary through time, in the Old World. Most of the 'alchemist-astrologer-priest' big-bellied sheep petroglyphs found in the Great Basin, it can be argued, were inspired by these alchemists who visited the western half of North America in large numbers following the comet disaster of 2300 BCE. The inclusion of the calcination symbol of Aries (oxidation of minerals using high heat), we hold, was limited to the Age of Aries.

Ironically, universally mistaken for depictions of real mountain sheep, no one has questioned the unusual forms these sheep appear in. The assumption is that Amerindians universally cannot draw realistically or were poor observers of nature. This is of course, ludicrous. The mystery is not why these sheep are so odd-looking, but how so many educated anthropologists still project their 21st century, euro-centric mindset on the spiritual concepts of others. It is simply hubris, that makes "white man" see the many nations of the Amerindian cultures as inferior to himself, and superstitious. The truth removes any doubts of cultural, scientific and religious diffusion between the Old and New Worlds.

Modern scientists have never questioned the sheer number of these 'sheep' petroglyphs (tens of thousands of them in the Mojave region alone), nor their curious unnatural shapes (some are square, some legless, double-headed, and even sporting the Ankh symbol for a head in Baja, CA). Nor do most find it odd that these "sheep" are almost always depicted in sets of three.

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Our approach is one of re-discovery, not reconstruction. We have gone back to the sources of ancient knowledge for our instruction. Also, we understand the importance of tapping directly into the database of the universe itself, the recoded knowledge of all creation, as a source of inspiration. This last concept is a goal of true meditation, the intent of prayer, and this was the source of all true intuition and oracular insight. It was once called gnosis — direct 'knowing'. It has also been called revelation. We hold that the Aether is pure light, and that is stores the sum total of all consciousness, from all of the universe’s intelligences (from that inherent in single celled organisms, right on up to Man), as amplitude variations. The amplitude and orientation of this “intelligence” constitutes the knowledge of all life in the universe, and is a unfathomably vast database.

This universal database is what the ancient Indians dubbed the Akasha. The Egyptians called it the primeval waters of Nun. The Egyptian Gnostics referred to this accrued aetheric knowledge as Soph, from which later Gnostics derived the idea of Sophia, which came to mean Wisdom.

In the WALTMAN-TADDEI GUT we aver that:

2) The Aether is the ALL, and that what we know or observe as LIGHT IS A MOVING AMPLITUDE VARIATION within the etheric fabric itself.
3) The aetheric fabric of space can be described as a STANDING, DYNAMIC, TESSELLATED STRUCTURE OF PURE LIGHT.

A correct understanding of this cosmological model allows us to understand the fundamental dynamic geometry within this Aether, that gives rise to all physical laws and properties, and to all matter. Only this TRUE Cosmology can ever explain everything from the nature of Spirit, to the nature of matter — from atom to cosmos. Only this TRUE Cosmology can help us understand who we really are, how we got here, and where we are going. Only by understanding this True Cosmology — The GRAND UNDERLYING Theory — can we understand the nature of God.

The Aether is the ALL of all Hermetic, Occult and Esoteric traditions.

Published by “THE YOGI PUBLICATION SOCIETY MASONIC TEMPLE,” an occult order in Chicago, Illinois in 1910, a book called the Kybalion claims to be the teachings of the ancient Hermetic orders of Egypt and the Mediterranean. It claims its origins in the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, or simply Hermes, whom the Romans would later identify as Mercury.

From this book we learn the principle that the Aether is in fact a form of pure consciousness, or MIND. From the pages of the Kybalion:


"THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental." — The Kybalion.

“This Principle embodies the truth that ‘All is Mind.’ It explains that THE ALL (which is the Substantial Reality underlying all the outward manifestations and appearances which we know under the terms of ‘The Material Universe;’ the ‘Phenomena of Life;’ ‘Matter;’ ‘Energy;’ and, in short, all that is apparent to our material senses) is SPIRIT which in itself is UNKNOWABLE and UNDEFINABLE, but which may be considered and thought of as AN UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND … [the Aether] … in which Mind we “’live and move and have our being.’”

This visionary physicist Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck (23 April 1858 – 4 October 1947) was the originator of modern quantum theories. He discovered the “Planck constant” (denoted h), a physical constant that is the quantum of action in quantum mechanics, which originally described the proportionality constant between the energy, E (of a charged atomic oscillator) and the frequency, ν, of its associated electromagnetic wave. For this discovery he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

As we discuss in this website, Plank’s Constant is not entirely correct as it is understood today. The Aether, as it turns out, is in constant motion. This vibration is at a frequency which is the upper end of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, but which also delineates Light from Electromagnetic Energy. Light, as we understand it in our time, is nether a Particle nor a Wave … but is something else. This ‘something else’ possibility has heretofore been ignored by modern science. We will set this record straight forthwith. As the Aether has a fundamental frequency itself, and is a STANDING FIELD of pure LIGHT, what we observe as Light is only amplitude packets moving through this standing Light of the Aether itself.

Those who have any amount of training in physics or cosmology, will recognize the the implications of the above stated hypothesis would be revolutionary. We hold that this is well known within certain military-industrial institutions, but that like so many facets of the TRUE Cosmology, this has been deliberately obfuscated. Although this concept would require us to revisit and re-write Plank’s Constant for ‘visible’ light, it does not diminish Plank’s great contribution to modern understanding of the universe.

It is revealing that Plank was a firm believer in God as THE originating source of higher order cosmology. We leave you with the following quotes from Plank, and then compare these thoughts to a statement of cosmology from the Vedas, 5500 year old texts that originated with the earliest esoteric orders of ancient India (modern Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nepal). It is interesting to compare these two sets of ideas, separated by almost 6 millennia of human devolution (sic).
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I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.  – Max Plank — as quoted in The Observer (25 January 1931)

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”
Max Plank — Das Wesen der Materie [The Nature of Matter], speech at Florence, Italy (1944) (from Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Abt. Va, Rep. 11 Planck, Nr. 1797)

• • • • • • •

“All matter is the outcome of Akasha; and all force, whether gravitation, attraction or repulsion, or life, is the outcome of one primal force called Prana. Prana acting on Akasha is creating (projecting) the universe.”
– The Vedas

OUR MISSION is to return mankind to the Golden Age of understanding—returning to Mankind the lost knowledge of the true aether cosmology. The spiritual implications of this Grand Unifying Theory which allows for an understanding of the nature of all spirit, removing the vile from the Greater Eye and allowing for a rational of the nature of God. We hold that this knowledge is fundamental to the aspirant’s quest for self-discovery and spiritual evolution. One cannot aspire to that which one cannot understand due to ignorance. Furthermore, this cosmology tears the veil asunder revealing that here is no real separation between Man and God except in this state of ego-separation from God. This separation was called Samsara, and the illusion of separateness was called Maya, in ancient India.

We offer our insights and our discoveries for all men and women to ponder. We ask you to reflect upon your own existence, and to join us in a return to the Golden Age of understanding. We offer up our re-discovery of the Elixir of Life, as well as other Paleo-Pharma offerings for those who would like to extend their human lifetimes. Our hope is that through this life extension, and the accompanying increase in vitality and consciousness that comes with the use of these sacred ‘supplements,’ that it will buy us all the time needed to become “at-one” with God through the self-realization of our own consciousness. This takes a long time to accomplish, we know this only too well. We believe that, collectively, these re-discovered technologies will provide the human race the means to accomplish this—the Great Work.

May all who ponder our work seek also for their own spiritual evolution through Immortality. May the resulting Eternal Life promised by the wisest of us all as the reward for spiritual diligence, be yours.


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