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• • • This Web Site is a work in progress, so expect regular changes and additions. Thank you for your patience • • •


TETRASKELE® is an information website representing the re-discovery of the ancient Arcanum. It also features an online store that offers the public the opportunity to avail itself of the fruits of our decades of esoteric discoveries. These discoveries include the seminal rediscovery of the legendary "Elixir of Life," ancient Paleo-Pharma herbal medicines, books we have found useful in our own epistemic search for ontological truth, and more!

However, as described in our Mission Statement, we are principally about moving forward human evolution. The ultimate goal of our combined life’s work (as it was for all true disciples of the Arcanum) is … "to bring to pass the Immortality and Eternal Life of man." We define these words “Immortality” and “Eternal Life” using specific, Occult definitions.

By Immortality, we refer to both the physical extension of the physical body through proper diet and spiritual principles, including the use of alchemical (mineral) elixirs, spagyric (plant-based) alchemical preparations, and through the informed implementation of the archaic herbal and plant healing traditions we refer to collectively as Paleo-Pharmacopeia®. It is these ancient supplements, elixirs, extractions, concoctions, preparations and sacraments, that once permitted ancient man to attain far greater lifespans that is currently possible. Although certainly some aspects of these stories of extended lifespans may be highly exaggerated, there remains too much in common with all of these myths—found among all peoples—for this to be merely an invention of the ‘primitive’ mind. As we will demonstrate within the pages of this website, the ancients had—at least at one point in human history—great medical knowledge, as well as a grasp of true aetheric cosmology. In fact, we hold that this ancient knowledge has come down to us through time through various for of occult encoding and esoteric traditions from around the world, and that it was known and preserved by adepts from every continent: what Thoth (Thrice Greatest Hermes) called the 10 islands.

In fact, we wish to stress up front that we understand the major world myths of antiquity to be the major vessels of this encoded knowledge. It functioned to preserve, encode and transmit the ‘sacred science’ of the Golden Age down through time. However, this was not the only method of transmission.

Also found at disparate locations across the Earth we find unusual rock art. Sometimes in the form of paintings made with mineral pigments, but far more commonly, made by pecking and grinding with metal tools, we find petroglyphs encoding this information. These ancient petro (rock) glyphs have hidden some of the most important principles of this ancient wisdom for later generations, often doing so in plain sight. Forgotten, misinterpreted and seen by thousands of professional archaeologists, anthropologists and even students of epigraphy, these ideogrammatic glyphs turn out to be both individual glyphs as well as sigils (complex glyphs equivalent to words). However, unlike words in our modern languages, constructed using individual characters representing sounds, organized into words, these ancient symbolic glyphs encode entire principles; principles which had to be passed on from one generation to another, from the lips of adepts to the ears of initiates. If and when this coherent transmission was interrupted by catastrophic events, wars and famines, the meaning of thees glyphs was lost.

Remarkably, we have discovered glyphs which are extant today in one for or another, that had their origins thousands of years before our languages were invented.Often, these forms encode the same meaning now as they once did, millennia ago. Decipherment tables of some occult masters who lived during the European “renaissance,” reveal that even as late as the 15th - 17th centuries the true meanings of many of these ancient ideograms and ideogrammatic sigils was still understood. These tables also reveal that the transmission of these glyphs, often located only at sites in Asia, Indonesia and India, made their way from these remote locations back to occult communities and practitioners in Europe. This suggests networks of transmission never before understood.

At Tetraskele, we consider most ancient myths to be based in true principles, once understood long before modern scientists claim they could have been comprehended. If “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” you’ll find the pages of this web site contain extraordinary quantity of examples of just such extraordinary evidence.

If we attribute some aspects of long life among the ancient denizens of Earth to the higher purity and organic nature of food sources, physical labor (hence higher internal oxygen levels), the purity of water and lack of contaminants in the environment, there is still a persistent element all of the ancient legends which must be examined. Why are these claims of vastly longer lifespans ta global phenomena? Certainly, as diffusionist ourselves, we accept the use of boats as a reality, and so ancient civilizations did have a lot of contact with one another, but the stories themselves share many elements that cannot easily be explained.

Some of these universal elements include the belief that, once the ancient regimen(s) of life extension are begun, aging slows. However, ending the regimen (in most myths) causes the user to quickly revert to their true age (in terms of the body’s physical condition. These life-extending properties are also accompanied by other effects, these being encoded using occult symbols. Among these are the symbols of the serpent (including the paired serpents that rise up the Sushumna column called Ida and Pingala in Indian mythos), and associated sound (the Hu or Nada sounds).

There is also a lot of confusion about the medicaments and sacraments used for life extension, because the ancients did not rely only upon a mineral elixir, but herbal remedies as well. Hence, we must also separate out the science of mineral alchemy (what we Occidental science understands as alchemy) from the plant-based alchemical preparations, a tradition is far more difficult to trace back to its roots, as plant or “Spagyric” alchemical traditions, vary regionally because this work is based in plants often indigenous to one region, or climate and not others.

There is an exception to this regional rule, in the case of what we moderns call OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin). Proanthocyanidins are a class of polyphenols found in a variety of plants. The term “oligomer” refers to short, simple molecular complex consisting of a few monomer units, in contrast to a polymer, where the number of monomers is, in principle, not limited. When we speak of Proanthocyanidin oligomers then, we are referring to supplements derived from plants which are predominantly dimer trimer and tetramer structures—composed of two, three and four monomers, respectively. Proanthocyanidins were discovered in 1947 by Jacques Masquelier, who developed and patented techniques for the extraction of oligomeric proanthocyanidins from pine bark and grape seeds. However, OPCs can be found in various plants from around the world, including the seeds of the domesticated Peach.

For example, the Chinese legends and symbolic imagery of the ‘goddess’ Ma Gu (Chinese: 麻姑) contain encoded information on OPCs from these Peach seed sources. The older imagery and stories of Ma Gu also includes visual clues that demonstrates a knowledge of mineral alchemy as well. However, all knowledge of the techniques of obtaining the Elixir of Life from mineral sources was lost to Chinese alchemists by the 5th century of the current era.

This Ma Gu legend is important to us at Tetraskele. We understand that the ancients recognized and utilized both Mineral and Plant sources for their several life-extending “elixirs.” This knowledge and understanding inspired the creation of our REBIS REGIMEN®. We are both aware both of the distinction between these two types of alchemy, as well as in possession of all of the principle alchemical ‘supplements’ used in these traditions. We have RECREATED of the original regimen(s) of the ancients.

Throughout this website we find it important to clearly define (often to 'redefine') words both from the modern sciences and spiritual disciplines of our times, as well as those of the Medieval and Renaissance, upon which we ourselves draw for clarity and explanation. We hold our definitions to be closer to the ancient use of those terms and ideas than others who profess arcane knowledge. We do not claim infallibility, but—as mentioned above—base our work in the one TRUE ‘Aetheric Cosmology.’

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Fresco of Adam and Eve from the Abbey of Montecassino, Italy (ca.1072). Mushroom-shaped (entheogenic) and Palmate (always the symbol for alchemical) trees.


Our goal is to return the knowledge of ancient alchemy to mankind. It is His legacy. However, the use of alchemy is a means to an end. It is meant to be used to extend life in order for the initiate to be able to live long enough to lean how to obtain Eternal Life. This was the message hiding the mythos of the two Trees of the Garden, thence with fruits that promised Knowledge, the other Immortality. This is a typical example of the deep occult encoding of truth in ancient myths. This tradition was as enduring as the messages themselves.

By way of introduction, we define Eternal Life as the attainment of a CONTIGUOUS CONSCIOUSNESS—that is the continuation of the memory of one's lifetimes (past and present) with no loss during the transition between life, death and rebirth into a new incarnation. Throughout history various terms were employed that referred to this principle and achievement. Dozens of different myths refer directly to this same principle. Even the original astrological signs and mythos was based in this idea, as were rituals and theophanies. Terms found throughout the Judeo-Christian writings such as “from eternity to eternity,” and “Everlasting Life,” “Eternal Life,” and other coded phrases also reference this same, single idea.

These ancient myths all refer to this ability to reincarnate while retaining a full memory of their past lifetime. This is the nature of God's consciousness, and we state for the record that this is the basis of ALL of the ancient "savior" myths of antiquity—whether we speak of the famous pre-Greek myth of Theseus and the Labyrinth, or that of Jesus Christ. We hold the opinion—once expressed by John Allegro, seminal researcher and translator of the original Dead Sea Scroll papyri—that the story of Jesus Christ was a fulfillment of all of these myths in a single individual's life. We maintain that, when properly understood, it can be shown that is was this Son of Mary (who is known as Jesus Iduin in Celtic codex known as the Kailedy) who demonstrated the principle of this contiguous memory and at-one-ment with God, to be an attainable reality. This is the Christic Path, just as it is also the Horian path, and was the esoteric message of the Labyrinth story and traditions—rituals that stretched back into the hoary past of mankind's childhood, and in fact precedes the appearance and dominance of the Homo sapien race.

And so it will be shown through our work and discoveries, that this idea of AT-ONE-MENT with the God (liberated consciousness) that lies at the root of any true religion. This ideal was the core principle taught in every esoteric religion and is embodied within the major rituals of every ancient religion as far back as the archaic labyrinth dance rituals, which were practiced before the last Ice Age. This occult truth was referred to as the "Secret of the Ages," and was the 'raison d'être' of the Great Arcanum, which held within its core teachings all of the cosmological principles required to both comprehend and to implement the principles that lead to 'Eternal Life." It can be said that a "true" religion had myths, rituals and writings that encoded these principles using various methods ranging from metaphoric tales, to symbolism and even numeric patterns (Kabbalah).

These higher principles were retold, embellished and sometimes reworked, by a core group of adepts who had direct experience with ego-dissolution states. These were the ancient "oracles" who became entangled historically with the very myths they wove from the threads of mystical truth they had experienced themselves. Most importantly, these were those who possessed the mental disciplines, the science, and the know-how to drive others to the same states of consciousness. This was done in underground chambers and temples utilizing entheogenic and alchemical sacraments. This pattern holds true for all of the major religions of antiquity.

The core esotericists had many names, but were usually considered oracles or seers, who professed and revealed the deeper meanings in the ancient esoteric texts and myths which they also repressed, in the attempt to pass them from Adept to Adept down through the ages. This pantheon of oracles includes Theseus, the Mithra, Bacchus, Dionysuses, Odin, and many others, revered in their times and cultures for overcoming this “death” of the EGO.

How can we know all of this, the reader will ask themselves? The first reply to this is the obvious one. The primary author of the writings of this web site (Dorian Taddei) is one of these individuals in every important sense of the definition of an oracle.

So what makes someone an oracle?

There are major oracles—those who receive training at an early age, and whose experiences build their knowledge rapidly—and perhaps more minor oracles. However, all oracles possess the basic ability as seers of things (in vision) that have already transpired in the past (before their time or beyond their personal experience), things at a distance (or of the 'present, popularly known now as "remote viewing"), and things that belong to a future yet to come to pass. Research suggests that all such oracles share one thing in common: a genetic predisposition for their endocrine systems to maintain higher than normal levels of naturally-occurring entheogenic compounds (such as DMT) in their bodies. Moreover, a true oracle has on-going experiences with states of ego-dissolution. In these states the "pure light" of ego-free consciousness is experienced, and in these oracles gain a direct understanding of the true nature of their own consciousness, God, and the universe. This is their defining characteristic: transfiguration.

These same individuals—following their out-of-body experiences and training—are able to understand the ancient writings encoded with esoteric truths (called revelators, or revealers), and so profess these truths to others. Such teachers certainly have many different names. In India, for example, they were called Bodisattvas.

We also claim that to become an oracle, at any level of experience, one must come to possess a far greater understanding of the nature of one's own consciousness than is obtained through normal perception (nominal conscious states). This implies the increasing of one's consciousness which comes only—in our opinion—from the proper (and usually extended) use of the ancient sacraments: once called the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge. We will not belabor this topic now, but suffice it to say at this juncture, that the fruits of the Two Trees of the ancient myths (and these were not Hebrew inventions, but universally taught across the planet both in the Old World and New World, and far flung islands and nations of Earth) of the Garden, known from the Hebrew mythos as Eden, are metaphorical and also represent actual technology. It is to the Tree of Knowledge that we must go in our search for inner wisdom and spiritual clarity. A more proper rendering of this term “knowledge” might be “knowledge of the true nature of duality” (the Indian Maya).

Lacking the understanding of the nature and proper use of the 'fruit' if the Tree of Life, no one could live long enough to be able to put the former information into practical use. In other words, for mankind to evolve, he must embrace both the knowledge of the universal cosmology—represented by DUALITY—as well as to obtain life extension and vitality, through the ingestion of the “Elixir of Life.” If the latter is not obtained, the former will not prevent us from undergoing death and subsequent incarnations wherein the knowledge gained in one lifetime, is lost prior to the next. This is the DEATHS of which it was spoken:

25 Broad is the gate, and wide the way that leadeth to the deaths; and many there are that go in thereat...

However, those who obtain a knowledge of the true mature of consciousness, and who train mentally and discipline themselves to overcome their ignorance of the nature of the dissolution of the EGO (SELF-identity) have a shot at "Eternal Life," defined as contiguous consciousness between lifetimes. To quote the same source further:

20 Then shall they be gods, because they have no end; therefore shall they be from everlasting to everlasting, because they continue; then shall they be above all, because all things are subject unto them. Then shall they be gods, because they have all power, and the angels are subject unto them.
21 Verily, verily, I say unto you, except ye abide my law ye cannot attain to this glory.
22 For strait is the gate, and narrow the way that leadeth unto the exaltation and continuation of the lives, and few there be that find it, because ye receive me not in the world neither do ye know me.
23 But if ye receive me in the world, then shall ye know me, and shall receive your exaltation; that where I am ye shall be also.
24 This is eternal lives—to know the only wise and true God...

This is not merely the doctrine of the 19th century Latter-day Sain religion (linked above), but was taught in the emerald Tablet of Thoth, by Zoroasterians, Krishna and his followers, the enlightened Buddha, and Jesus Iduin. These ancient occult organizations all taught the same thing. Those who argue that this is not true, simply do not comprehend the ancient writings and their proper interpretations.

Every “savior" myth of the Old World addressed the same topics, the same ideas, and provided the same solutions to being cut off from god-consciousness during cycles of death and rebirth. Collectively then, the knowledge represented in the Great Arcanum refers to the occulted (hidden) science of the ancient world, whose single goal was the evolution of mankind—from his ignorant form as an intelligent animal, to that of a conscious Monad or balanced being. To attain this understanding, the initiate must understand the duality of consciousness (the labyrinth of the mind) into which he has fallen. The teaching of these eternal truths to mankind was the principle mission of all of the mythical ‘saviors,’ whether they were called Theseus (the slayer of the Minotaur and freer of the 7 male and 7 female virgins trapped within the Labyrinth of Knossos), or by some other name. We know these ‘saviors’ from the ancient texts of Mesopotamian as Ea (the Sumerian Enki), as the Indian Mithra, Egypt’s Horus, the Nordic God Odin, the Greek Dionysus and Bacchus, the Aztec’s Quetzalcoatl, or Levantine Jesus (the Christ). Each of these ;saviors’ also had a sword—the central symbol used to symbolize Dualism. Likewise, each of these swords was linked to the idea off a stone—whether they pulled the sword from a cubic stone, or one was rolled away from their tomb, it is the same. The nature of the cubic Aether and cosmology itself are encoded—in one form or another—into all true occult mythos. By the renaissance this cubic stone had become the Philosopher's Stone.

These similarities did not end there. Additionally, each of the ancient 'saviors' was crucified or suffered (usually on a cross), that man might have the great knowledge gained by this Savior, and usually this knowledge is linked to a single or "greater eye" (the Pineal Gland).

We believe the ancients whose wisdom and knowledge became known (collectively) as the Great Arcanum, contained the unencrypted version of the ancient "sacred science" encoded esoterically into these later myths. We hold that this knowledge once flourished upon the Earth in the Golden Age. We also aver that this knowledge is now coming forth again, as the light dawns to chase the darkness from the night's sky. We are honored to be among those through which some of this light will be restored. It is the greatest blessing given to anyone, as it is through this knowledge that we too share in the evolution of mankind, and the Eternal Life that is our heritage: Salvation from multiple lifetimes lived in ignorance of eternal glory.

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Göbekli Tepe archaeological site in the SE Anatolia Region of Turkey. Dating to the 10th millennium BCE the more than 200 pillars in about 20 circles are made of Dolomitic Limestone.


If the Arcanum was compared to a tree, then its roots are deeply planted in the one true aetheric cosmology (or ALL). Its many limbs represent the many facets of the ancient, "sacred science" (the term preferred by the polymath and esotericist R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz), the knowledge shared among all true occult orders in ancient times. Today there are many names for these ancient occult (meaning 'hidden,' and referring to knowledge hidden from the profane, not the good) orders. We tend to know these orders from one area of the Earth or another, through the ages of Man, under these different names. However, their basic foundational principles, science and cosmology were the same. From direct scientific evidence collected by ourselves with help from various friends and associates contributing to this work of esoteric restoration (even evidence found right here in North America), we can make the claim that the global dissemination of the sacred science of the Golden Age is a reality. Those here in New World, whom we prefer to refer to as Amerindians, were taught these truths. From one tribe to another, across millennia of time, ancient visitors to these shores brought with them the greatest gift they possessed: TRUTH. This truth was based in a knowledge of the aetheric cosmology of the universe—what the Hermeticists in Egypt preferred to call the ALL, the Gnostics "Sophia," and the ancient Indians called the Akasha.

Within the pages of this website we will refer to those who learned and taught these cosmological truths as members of the Cosmo-Religion (cosmologically-based religion). Many of these truths are still taught, but only among the remnant adepts of the old schools of the Orient such as the Bon religion (Tibet), the Sufis, and Egyptian Gnostics—yet, as you will discover, even here much has been lost.

Our own work in these over lapping esoteric disciplines (including alchemy, astrology, mysticism, sacred cosmology, and what we today refer to as neurochemistry and neurophysiology), parallels that of the ancient work. It is centered in an understanding of the one true cosmology, driven deductively through consciousness (as opposed to inductive, empirical materialism only), and accepts a single axiom made public (and hence somewhat famous) through the publishing of the small primer on sacred Hermetic science known as the Kybalion: the All is mental (or mind/consciousness).

The 19th-20th century cosmologist/physicist, and arguably the mentor of young Einstein, the Dutch physicist Hendrik Lorentz came to this realization as well. He said—speaking of the aether—that:

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the
particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the
atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious
and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Hendrik Lorentz, “Das Wesen der Materie” (The Nature of Matter), speech at Florence, Italy, 1944.

We have learned to decipher many of he ancient ideograms (what R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz called the Neters). This has opened the door to a far deeper understanding of the nature of these ancient disciplines, and their overarching purposes and intent.

Along with the rediscovery of the cosmology of these ancient orders, we also have rediscovered the true nature, and the aetheric and biological method of action of the most famous artifact from the ancient past, universally known as the "elixir of life." It is this breakthrough that prompted the creation of Spagyric Arts, LLC. This company produced the first Amrit(a) in some 2,000 years, and its on-going research has meant the rediscovery of much of the ancient knowledge of the 'healing arts,' and unlocked the nature of the archaic sciences resulting in truly astounding insights. For example, although the alchemists of the late Medieval and early Renaissance periods appear to have made this Elixir of Life, they appear to have been following instructions, but did nit (apparently) understand the science involved.

Michael Maier, in 1618, produced a series of highly detailed. emblematic engravings for a publication known as "The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine." We begin our analysis of the implications of his emblematic engraving of the 9th Key, on the page in this website titled The Birds of Alchemy.


For those interested in gaining a more direct understanding of the many discoveries presented in this website, we suggest a visit to our online store. Originally an adjunct to our training facility (for 2-½ years located in Old town, on the Columbia River in St Helens, Oregon), our store is currently being reestablished online. Proceeds from our sales supplement our research budget. TETRASKELE® remains a dedicated outlet for powerful SpagyricArts' alchemical supplements and elixirs, and Paleo-Pharmacopeia® products (produced by SpagyricArts, LLC® in concert with TETRASKELE®). We also offer natural essential oils (by quintESSENCE®) and natural perfumes, (by ALQEMY®), as well as maintaing our own exclusive online esoteric bookstore, and gift shop offering Gicleé Art prints based along occult, astrological, alchemical and esoteric themes, as well as other unique 'Gifts for the Third Eye.'

When inspired by the muses, we occasionally present scientific presentations and operate booths at the occasional health & wellness or alternative science conventions and theme fairs (like Oregon's own FaerieWorlds). However, in most senses of the word we were not anything like other "new age" organizations. We like to think of ourselves as the modern embodiment of the Arcane sciences and ancient "cosmic religion." We explain what we mean within the pages of this and oner websites. Put simply, we are dedicated to the application of true scientific principles for the rediscovery and implementation of sacred science—the 'magic' recorded and safeguarded within the ancient Arcanum. This was the scientific and spiritual legacy of the legendary Golden Age.

Although misunderstood, during this 'age' some had attained high levels of scientific understanding and technical expertise. Although radically different than our modern materialist sciences, it was never-the-less on a par with our own, and in many ways, was far superior to the knowledge application of knowledge as seen in the 21st Century. This is evidenced by the many artifacts which have survived since this Golden Age, in the form of monuments, esoteric knowledge, and ideogrammatically-recorded scientific knowledge in petroglyphs and hieroglyphic scripts.

TETRASKELE® represents a temporal conjunctio, a nexus where the 'sacred sciences' of the archaic past intersects the advanced material sciences of the 21st Century: the Arcanum revealed on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius. Although our private Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter seminars in St Helens are no longer being offered, and we are currently not arranging public expeditions (which we once did), our principle researcher, alchemist and esotericist Dorian Taddei is currently developing a series of 'webisodes'—10-15 minute video presentations—on our discoveries and science of the Arcanum. We invite you to join our mailing list for the occasional product announcements and project updates, as well as news of the release of this information downloadable, byte-sized digital presentations. We will also be featuring a blogging area in the near future, so stay tuned.


TETRASKELE® is operated by a private group dedicated to the on-going rediscovery of sacred occult (hidden) sciences. It was this science, known as the Arcanum, that was universally known and applied in archaic times. Most of the more prominent examples of Megalithic architecture of the ancient world were both initiation as well as healing centers. Stonehenge is one example, as are the Mexican temple of Teotihuacan, the Lebanese Temple of Baalbek, as well as many others. One of the oldest examples is the recently discovered temple complex at Göbekli Tepe, which predates any such temple we know of to date. ALL of these temples were linked to Alchemy, archaic Astrology and were healing centers for the body and the soul.

The fact that all of these sites also lie along only recently re-discovered global energetic ley lines, is also indicative of their ultimate purposes—linked to healing. Ubiquitous ancient tales of human longevity and spiritual as well as technological enlightenment (as in the stories of the Golden Age,) were fundamentally true. All of this knowledge was based in a sacred science—a cosmological science of Aether. The magnificent megalithic structures found on all continents, the tales of a Golden Age that existed before the last Ice Age, and the legendary Atlantis, are directly linked to foundational knowledge of the true cosmology of the aether. This singular cosmology lies behind all of our many discoveries, and was taught — for the first time in this millennia — at our old TETRASKELE® facility.

Although now behind us, we still encourage all seekers of esoteric and occult truth o experience the light of archaic wisdom we offer, now through the convenience this web site.

In antiquity this 'sacred science' was only passed from mouth to mouth by adept to initiate. If this chain of hermetic wisdom was broken by disasters and geopolitical upheavals, it was often lost (in the region or regions affected). As modern man spirals headlong into his own destruction with weapons of mass destruction, with the attendant depletion of natural resources and destruction of the environment, his cultures also are becoming exponentially more corrupted, He is separating himself from Nature herself. These trends cannot continue. It is not technology that will save mankind, but wisdom.

Tetraskele is dedicated to the attainment of this ancient ideal once again—a sacred science coupled with great wisdom. Like the phoenix—a symbol of the universal cycles of entropic devolution and rebirth—we hold that the current system will immolate itself before it is raised once again to its potential, and rebirth. We believe in this Golden Age ideal. However, it is only through the knowledge contained in what was once referred to as the (great) Arcanum that this dream can be realized once again. It is to this end—the revealing of true cosmology of the Arcanum, and the sciences that flow from this knowledge—that Tetraskele is dedicated.

We retain the ideal of an outreach center, and so will be offering much of our decades of learning to the public, as time and opportunity permits. As an online presence, our unique store remains an outlet for all sorts of unique, natural (and many truly ancient) alternative healing tools and solutions, as well as consciousness-related products and technologies. Sales of those products and training courses help to fund our operations and on-going research. If you like what we stand for, and what we are trying to achieve, then we are sure that you'll love our products as well. Many of our offerings are to be had no where else.

The alchemical products we offer (from SpagyricArts, LLC®, the research branch of this consortium) are the product of over a decade of research and ground-breaking discoveries that have a full revival of ancient alchemy, as well as revealing an heretofore unsuspected occult history and agenda which rolled on for centuries on this the North American continent. Following the tradition of hermetic restitution, we present the world with a coherent esoteric, cosmologically-based science and philosophy for its consideration. This is our legacy, and it is based on the ancient esoteric ideals that once resulted in the manifestation of the fabulous Library of Alexandria, Egypt.

We are lifting the veil on a past hidden from the purview of a world ever more obsessed with vulgar materialism. As this veils is pulled aside, it reveals a past replete with a highly advanced and consilient body of knowledge, reinforced by a lucid philosophy in harmony with the purposes of the Creation itself. The ancient world view was so different from our own, that modern science has largely misread what remains of its art and symbols, presenting us with a darkened and cynical revisionist fable that denies the enlightenment once extant, and labels it with the euphemistic title: 'primitive.' We suggest that a NEW definition of 'primitive' as "pre-devolutionary" is in order!


Although there is little doubt that many primitive and uncivilized peoples flourished at locations across the earth, they did so alongside more enlightened civilizations. In reading these ancient sites we often forget that, first, what we see on the surface (both figuratively and literally) represents the final stages of a civilization's development. Secondly, what is becoming very clear — if you accept what we now do from our own exhaustive research, as well as evidence forming in from all over the world — mankind does not necessarily evolve, as much as he does devolve, through time. Calling mankind civilized today — when by comparison peace reigned almost planet-wide anciently, and advanced science is clearly obvious from the megalithic ruins of the past whose glory our own accomplishments in architecture do not yet eclipse — now seems a spurious conclusion. As we destroy our planet, maintain bloody conflicts across the globe, poison our own food supplies, and maintain ever lower levels of education, one might argue that we are devolving. This is both what modern data suggests, and what the oldest extant esoteric documents tell us as well. This is diametrically opposed to the tenets of modern science, based as it is on an underlying premise of uniformitarianism. We now have much evidence to argue that this is backwards.

It is also obvious to us — through an honest appraisal of the evidence and oral traditions of ancient societies — that an altruistic, hierophantic spirit was omnipresent among early peoples. This attitude is largely lacking today, for we live in an unbalanced, materialistic society with little hope unless a massive paradigm shift in human thinking rears its head. Sadly, the ancient writings of the Kolbrin, the Book of Mormon, the ancient Hebrew Torah, John's Book of the Apocalypse, and legends and myths the world over, all speak of these shifts not as the result of 'global warming' or mere plate tectonics, but the result of nature stepping in to balance what Mankind has done to tip the scales of planetary harmony in the direction of desolation. In all of the ancient texts, and hoary myths, the end of each cycle of Man comes from the heavens, a comet paroxysm. In fact, it is also clear that these cycles of destruction are also cleansing, and drive evolution itself!

The discoveries documented in the pages of this website, and that of our satellite websites as well, were not the result of luck, or accident. It was years spent investigating the distant past, both in terms of cosmology, evolution, and the ancient hermetic and esoteric traditions, that prepared us for these breakthroughs. Most of our discoveries that preceded the decipherment of ancient rock art in the Old and New Worlds began as we were filming a documentary on these cycles of comet-driven, global disasters. We were layering the story with the human elements of migration and cultural diffusion that resulted from these cyclic, regional and global devastations, and the environmental impacts of the same. Suspecting that migrations were often transoceanic (the mounting evidence in every field of science suggests nothing less than this), we sought for evidence of pre-Columbian european migrations of cultures, across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. WE found this in Colorado and Oklahoma. However, we found much more than we had hoped for. And these discoveries presented us with a global enigma.

The evidence for pre-Columbian transoceanic diffusion is ubiquitous. Once you know what you are looking for, the idea that scholars still deny this only goes to show that the best library is the field itself. Sophistry is not new to our times, and the sofa is not the place for discovery. To make a long story very short, we we decided to expand our search for this evidence at sites west of the cordillera, things took a dramatic turn.

A coherent and logical, natural philosophy (and what can only pass for high science), was once extant right across the planet. It also appears to have been proliferated by a long line of traveling priest-astrologer-alchemists, esoteric teachers from numerous locations across the Old World, for millennia. Their presence is indicated in rock art found across the planet, as well as in enthnographies recorded by anthropologists — the Amerindians universally calling them their "teachers." Nowhere were there more of these teachers, nor more oral traditions concerning them, then are found among the older Amerindian tribes of the Great Basin (the desert basin region west of the Rocky Mountains of North America).


These hierophants were often symbolized in rock art, by those they taught. They were revered as holy man of God, and depicted in rock art by a unique and instantly recognizable form of ideogram which has been mistaken for literal depictions of sheep (big bellied sheep) by the euro-centric academics of modern science. These anthropologists and archaeologists dismiss this big-bellied sheep tradition as superstitious rock art meant to insure good hunting. And yet, there have been very few remains of mountain sheep found at ancient sites used to prepare food by Great Basin indian nations.

Our esoteric decipherment demonstrates that fact, in point of fact, these 'sheep' are ideogrammatic ideograms, depictions of ancient iron cauldrons, sporting the symbol of Aeries, the symbol of alchemical Calcination. This was the purpose of the ancient iron and bronze cauldrons of the alchemist — the oxidation of prima materia ores destined for further processing into the legendary "elixir of life.'

These 'head' symbols are found to vary through time, in the Old World. Most of the 'alchemist-astrologer-priest' big-bellied sheep petroglyphs found in the Great Basin, it can be argued, were inspired by these alchemists who visited the western half of North America in large numbers following the comet disaster of 2300 BCE. The inclusion of the calcination symbol of Aries (oxidation of minerals using high heat), we hold, was limited to the Age of Aries.

Ironically, universally mistaken for depictions of real mountain sheep, no one has questioned the unusual forms these sheep appear in. The assumption is that Amerindians universally cannot draw realistically or were poor observers of nature. This is of course, ludicrous. The mystery is not why these sheep are so odd-looking, but how so many educated anthropologists still project their 21st century, euro-centric mindset on the spiritual concepts of others. It is simply hubris, that makes "white man" see the many nations of the Amerindian cultures as inferior to himself, and superstitious. The truth removes any doubts of cultural, scientific and religious diffusion between the Old and New Worlds.

Modern scientists have never questioned the sheer number of these 'sheep' petroglyphs (tens of thousands of them in the Mojave region alone), nor their curious unnatural shapes (some are square, some legless, double-headed, and even sporting the Ankh symbol for a head in Baja, CA). Nor do most find it odd that these "sheep" are almost always depicted in sets of three.

Stacks Image 873

This rock art panel, a dolomite outcrop in the Northern Mojave, contains the classic swept-horn tripled sheep petroglyph symbols common to the highlands of Armenia and other remote mountain areas like the Kunjareb Pass, on the Silk Road to the Tarim Basin, Tibet. Additionally, the other characters are identifiably VInca, an undeciphered Neolithic 'script' known from Southern Europe.

In the Old World these exist as real cauldrons. However, the symbols decorating these cauldrons changes with the astrological ages they were made during. Prior to the Age of Aries (circa 2250 BCE - 50 CE), in the Age of Taurus (4550 BCE - 2250 BCE), the alchemist's functional and also ceremonial cauldron had a figure on it in the shape of the head of a bull. This is also an alchemical symbol, which stands for alchemical digestion, the next stage of the alchemical process which follows (and includes) calcination.

As with the tradition of the Magi, these hierophantic priests (of what we've comet to call the "cosmological religion") travelled in threes, and who apparently spent an entire 19-year period (one Metonic lunar cycle) teaching and initiating various peoples into their occult orders. Secret societies flourished among the peoples of North and South America, as well as at locations around the world. However, only in North America do we see the evidence of on-going occult initiations stretching back for millennia, and rock art panels encoding alchemical formulae and astrological calculation panels numbering in the tens of thousands. The sheer density of this ideogrammatic symbology defies any other definition than that of an occult agenda. Within the confines of the Mojave Desert alone there may be well over 2,000 major rock art sites, some sites with as many as 10,000 - 12,000 separate petroglyphs. Many of these petroglyphs were re-pecked as a ritual, long after the original glyph makers were dead and gone, and the depth of some of these re-pecked glyphs (2-3 inches deep grooves in bedrock basalt) suggests thousands of re-pecking visits. Furthermore, many petroglyphs are pecked into bedrock basalt, a volcanic rock with a MOH hardness of 8 or more, the hardness of gemstones. This indicates the existence of hardened steel tools as early as 10,000 years before iron was allegedly first discovered.

Stacks Image 4081

Berth Iron Cauldron and petroglyphs from the Coso Mountain Range, eastern California


Modern science insists that ancient man was primitive. As modern anthropology is merely an extension of Darwinian evolutionary theory, so the farther back we look in time — if the premise of gradualism holds — the more primitive life is. Hence, modern man is seen as the pinnacle of evolution, and ancient man — by extension of this premise — must therefore have been less intelligent and therefore more superstitious and unsophisticated. The ancient song cycles, myths and legends are almost universally dismissed as flights of fantasy, driven by superstition and primitive credulity. At most these stories are misinterpreted as flawed attempts to translate literal ideas through time, and are not recognized for what they really were (in most cases): an esoteric tradition of encoding ancient science and understanding in symbolic prose.

Today the word myth is generally interpreted as a primitive story, or attempt to reconcile the mysteries of nature as the acts of imaginary pantheons with their gods of thunder and earthquakes, and to explain natural phenomena through anthropomorphs or magical creatures. The truth is that most of the major myths of antiquity were never meant to be taken literally at all. However, the innate ability of the human mind — to recognize and process symbolism — has been rapidly diminishing, as our fore brains have steadily increased in size, and the larger hind or primitive brain (which understands symbolism), has rapidly decreased in size.

Studies at the University of Utah have shown that this is a fact. In the last 4,000 years the brains size of Homo sapiens has been rapidly shrinking, especially in the more scientific, literal Occident. The forebrain has increased in proportion over primitive man, but the part of our brain that is responsible for recognizing symbolic relationships — the intuitive 'reptilian' brain — has been shrinking faster then the forebrain is enlarging, resulting in a net loss of brain mass. It has been stated that—over a period of only 20,000 years—the average human being has a brain with about one tennis ball's less brain volume than our archaic ancestors. This puts our species on a par—brain weight-to-body-weight with Homo erectus! According to the theory of human evolution that ties brain size to intelligence then, we humans are not getting smarter, but dumber!

From a September, 2010 Discover Magazine entitled "If Modern Humans Are So Smart, Why Are Our Brains Shrinking?" we read the following"


"John Hawks is in the middle of explaining his research on human evolution when he drops a bombshell. Running down a list of changes that have occurred in our skeleton and skull since the Stone Age, the University of Wisconsin anthropologist nonchalantly adds, 'And it’s also clear the brain has been shrinking.'

“'Shrinking?' I ask. 'I thought it was getting larger.' The whole ascent-of-man thing.

“'That was true for 2 million years of our evolution,' Hawks says. 'But there has been a reversal.'

"He rattles off some dismaying numbers: Over the past 20,000 years, the average volume of the human male brain has decreased from 1,500 cubic centimeters to 1,350 cc, losing a chunk the size of a tennis ball. The female brain has shrunk by about the same proportion. 'I’d call that major downsizing in an evolutionary eyeblink,' he says. 'This happened in China, Europe, Africa—everywhere we look.' If our brain keeps dwindling at that rate over the next 20,000 years, it will start to approach the size of that found in Homo erectus, a relative that lived half a million years ago and had a brain volume of only 1,100 cc. Possibly owing to said shrinkage, it takes me a while to catch on. 'Are you saying we’re getting dumber?' I ask.

"Hawks, a bearish man with rounded features and a jovial disposition, looks at me with an amused expression. 'It certainly gives you a different perspective on the advantage of a big brain,' he says."

In-keeping with the idea that shrinking brains are linked to literal thinking and urban environments, the same study stated that the brains of individuals in Britain were shrinking at twice the rate of those in Europe, generally. The English penchant for rigid social customs, and left-brained formality in general, is a far cry from the more intimate socialization and intuition of our ancient, primitive ancestors, and requires a lot less smarts. Certainly specialization played a role in this shrinkage, as well as the fact that we spend a lot less time analyzing our environment, since we became the tool-making, predator we are. Obviously, prey is always on the guard, its senses sharpened by the need for keen pattern recognition of a predator against the backdrop of the forest foliage, and it requires more neural connections to maintain all of the nerve-to-muscle connections demanded of an agile, dexterous animal involved either with flight, or with advanced predatory hunting skills. Modern man would simply be unable to throw a spear as accurately as his prehistoric ancestors, nor sustain the sort of physical exertion required to endure the environment of ancient times. So, are we really superior to our distant ancestors in terms of our intelligence? The answer must be…no.

We will revisit this concept later under the heading of HUMAN DEVOLUTION, but for now we shall stress the point we wish to emphasize. It is clear from many forms of evidence, that mankind is rapidly loosing his ability to experience his own inner consciousness. He now lacks the motivation, nor the training and skills required to receive direct light from the universal aether (Indian "akasha"). Not only has he denied the need for mystical experiences (as the driver of novelty and the mechanism for creating new neural connections and pathways), but his societies have now made the chemistry that drives such mystical experiences illegal.

In our modern times, with few exceptions, the mystical experiences that were passed on down through time in the many texts of antiquity, are seen as the ravings of lunatics, and not recognized for what they are: revelation or, Gnosis.


Darwinian uniformitarianism (the materialist theory of accidental biological evolution) has been projected onto anthropology. Both the core tenets of Darwinian evolution, as well as the anthropological assumptions based in this theory — that mankind evolved his intellect (and therefore his civilization) slowly — are both wrong. Evidence from across the planet clearly demonstrates a rapid progression from a truly primitive state (prior to enlightenment and consciousness), to high civilization. This is indicated by the rapid development and spread of specific technologies. The propagation of various human genetic features rapidly, to far-flung points across the globe, is only now (as we approach 2014) being acknowledged by geneticists. The discovery of intelligent 3-foot people (Homo floresiensis), the genetic discovery of an entirely new species of man called Denisovan — with evidence of this species now discovered at points thousands of miles away from each other, is causing many to question the logic of current anthropological modeling. It is about time.

As evidence mounts for step-wise, rapid evolutionary "explosions" in the population of the earth by new species (like the "Cambrian explosion") this new continues to erode the uniformitarian foundations of modern, materialist science. However, those entrenched in dogma (whether scientific or religious) will never accept such a major shift in the nature of their beliefs without resistance. And let's face it, telling a planet full of people that they are devolving, not evolving, and that their rampant materialism and disregard for their own TRUE EVOLUTION is at odds with the very purposes of nature, is not going to go over very well. After all, telling people that they need to change their consciousness (the meaning of repent) and get their act together, never went over in the past. They used to have solutions for those who had that sort of nerve, including stoning, crucifixion, immolation and other forms of painful and humiliating death. People do not want to hear that their deplorable state is their own fault, let alone be told that they've missed the point of their birth. And yet, this is in fact the bottom line.

To point back to the archaic past and make the claim that certain groups of people back then had their acts together, more than we do, is not exactly in-keeping with our current paradigm. Such an idea is going to be a hard sell. The myth of a Golden Age is an example of just such a claim, one taken today as mere fantasy. And yet, if we are indeed devolving as a species, then does this not make sense? Has there ever been an age where there were as many wars, as much pollution, as much disrespect for the past and for spiritual traditions, as there are today?

Evidence for the sort of intellectual attainments, world peace and a spirit of cooperation, and the focus of all peoples on their spiritual evolution, can be found on every continent on Earth. The massive monuments, temples and cities of antiquity, present us with ample hard evidence of humanity as a coherent, an progressive and intelligent race. To build the marvels of the ancient world took cooperative effort on behalf of large populations, as well as advanced technologies. However, it did not require aliens to drop in and assist in architecture or city planning. What it did required, to build ancient sites like Mohenjo-Daro and Dwarka (currently underwater), Teotihuacan and Caral, like it did to build the more contemporaneous temples like Borobodur and Ankor Wat, was a people willing to work harmoniously, relying upon a division of labor, working under hierarchical direction (government), possessing a joint belief system or philosophical passion, and capable of sustainable farming sufficient to feed large populations of workers. This is not supposed to have been possible 6,000 years ago, let alone 12,000 years ago. And yet, here they re, artifacts that demonstrate that mankind as we know it today, is little different than it was in antiquity. However, the massive stone architecture of their temples, and other technologies that show up at many truly archaic sites, cannot yet be duplicated (as far as we know) today.

The ancient Greeks recounted the tale of a time, long before theirs, when a Golden Age (Greek: Chryson Genos) was experienced by mankind. This was also claimed to be the first in a sequence of four or five Ages of Man, and perhaps more, followed in sequence, by the Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and then the present age, the Age of Iron: a period of decline. By extension this "Golden Age" denoted a period of primordial peace, harmony with nature, stability (socially), and global prosperity. During this age peace and harmony were supposed to have prevailed for a millennium. It was said that humans did not have to work hard to feed themselves, for the earth provided food in abundance. Extreme longevity and vitality was claimed for the world's peoples, and that when death did come, people died peacefully, their spirits often living on as guardians (watchers) of mankind. In Cratylus (397 e) Plato recounts that this "golden race" of humans (in a sequence of ages) were good and noble.

We also find analogous concepts . . . "in the religious and philosophical traditions of the South Asian subcontinent. For example, the Vedic or ancient Hindu culture saw history as cyclical, composed of yugas with alternating Dark and Golden Ages. The Kali yuga (Iron Age), Dwapara (Bronze Age), Treta yuga (Silver Age) and Satya yuga (Golden Age) correspond to the four Greek ages. Similar beliefs occur in the ancient Middle East and throughout the ancient world, as well." — Wikipedia

The esoteric polymath RenéSchwaller de Lubicz, and his wife Isha were to spend 12 years studying the ancient temple of Luxor, and developed an alternative theory concerning the esoteric decipherment of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, or what Schwaller would come to call Neters. Schwaller de Lubicz was convinced that the Egyptians were the recipient of a prehistoric infusion of technology and philosophical wisdom from a prior, antediluvian culture the Egyptians had called Atlantis. Our research suggests that Atlantis was actually a center of technology and population situated along the coast of North America—rather than an island or lost continent—in the area we now call the Gulf of Mexico. As the waters rose following the last Ice Age (ca. 6500 BCE), and finally, following a comet disaster which spawned planet-wide tsunamis, Atlantis was destroyed and likely lies submerged to this day somewhere in the Gulf.

The ancient city-state Atlantis had many names, including Atlan, Avalon, P'Atala, Elysium (El-Y-Zion), Zion, Ophir, Punt, Dilmun, and so on. Our research has revealed some absolutely startling revelations concerning not only the legend of the ancient American city-state, but its tradition and links to the Old World. The general theory is simply referred to herein as the Tales of Two Worlds. The implications of this theory bring together everything from the ancient Indian myths of P'Atala and L'Anka, the Mesopotamian legends of Dilmun, the Homeric myths and even the Israelite Exodus (and stories of the Lost Ten Tribes), bringing the occulted history of ancient traditions and true nature of the Underworld into sharp focus. The implications of the knowledge of north America among ancient esotericists is not only revelatory, but will one day be recognized as one of the greatest discoveries in all of history!

With the help of a geologist Robert Schoch, John Anthony West — a student of Schwaller de Lubicz's work (see his book Serpent in the Sky) — would eventually prove de Lubicz's contentions by establishing a date for the creation of the Sphinx that exceeded 10,000 years, demonstrating that the Egyptians were the recipients of a legacy from a highly sophisticated civilization that flourished long before Egypt's 1st Dynasty. The Sphinx represents geologically-dated proof that such a civilization existed. Egypt's spiritual science was a perennial wisdom tradition transferred to Egypt — as the Egyptians themselves claimed — and as recorded in Plato's Timeaus.

The governing explanatory principle of the account is teleological: the universe as a whole, as well as its various parts, are so arranged as to provide a classroom of learning for souls. Plato perceives that the world is the deliberate intent of Intellect (nous), anthropomorphically represented by the figure of a divine Craftsman who plans and then constructs a world which is as perfect for its purposes, as its nature permits it to be.

As Plato explains the underlying orderliness of the universe is not merely a manifestation of Intellect; but presents us with a model for rational souls to emulate. Such understanding (Gnosis) and the living of a life mirroring nature's example, restores a souls to their primordial state of godliness.

From an excellent overview of the Schwaller de Lubicz's understanding of both Egypt and the nature of true spiritual evolution, author Gary Lachman writes:

"The Egyptians knew much else: the precession of the equinoxes, the circumference of the globe, and the secrets of pi. The knowledge of the Egyptians indeed made the Greeks seem like children. Their forgotten mathematical wisdom led Schwaller increasingly to realize that Egyptian civilization must be far older than we suspect--the clear evidence of water erosion on the Sphinx also suggests that. He concluded that their knowledge may have been inherited from vanished Atlantis. But more important than any of those conclusions, was his growing conviction that the Egyptians had a radically different consciousness from ours. They viewed the world symbolically, seeing in nature a "writing" conveying truths about the metaphysical forces behind creation—'the Neters,' as Egyptian gods are called. It was a vision Schwaller believed we desperately need to regain."

"At the center of this vision was Conscious Man, the King. For the ancient Egyptians, Conscious Man was the crown and aim of the universe, a perception many nature-centered mystics would dispute. But Conscious Man was not "man as we know him." He was the individual in whom the "intelligence of the heart" has awakened, one who has had the experience of 'functional consciousness.'"


"Schwaller believed Luxor was a . . . colossal compendium of esoteric truth, whose every detail, from its total design down to its very materials, voiced one central revelation: that Conscious Man was the goal of cosmic evolution. 'Each individual type in Nature is a stage in the cosmic embryology which culminates in man,' he wrote. Different species, Schwaller believed, developed various 'functions' — what the Egyptians called 'Neters' and we translate as 'gods' — which have their apotheosis and integration in Conscious Man."

"The essence of Schwaller's evolutionism has to do with what he called 'functional consciousness' . . . a way of knowing reality from the inside. Schwaller believed ancient Egypt was based on this inner knowing, very unlike our own outer-oriented one. The ancient Egyptians, he argued, were aware of the limitations of purely cerebral consciousness, the Set mind that 'granulates' experience into fragments of time and space and is behind our increasing abuse of nature and of each other. Granulated experience produces our familiar world of disconnected things, each a kind of 'island reality.' From this perspective, when I look at the world, I see a foreign, alien landscape, which I can know only by taking it apart and analyzing it. As the poet Wordsworth wrote, 'We murder to dissect.'"

But as Schwaller wrote in
Nature Word, 'The Universe is wholly activity.' There is another way of knowing, one very similar to Taoist forms of perception, which can heal the ruptures of cerebral consciousness . . . Schwaller advises us to 'leave all dialectic behind and follow the path of the Powers.'"

Without a knowledge of the fundamental principles underlying the universe, a coherent scientific understanding cannot be attained. This is why our mainstream science with its modern tools, could not have built the limestone temple in Lebanon known a Baalbek. Nor could modern builders quarry and move (at least 2,000 miles) the 90+ ton basalt blocks that make up the main structures (now under 95' of water) found over 300 square miles of the Caroline Island chain, 1,000 miles north go New Guinea in the vast western Pacific. Flooded by rising ocean levels over 8,500 ago, the structures of the Caroline Islands are the result of highly advanced technology. Another example of the ancient sciences is the massive inscribed obelisk at Luxor, Egypt. Weighing in at over 400 tons, modern scientists still have no idea how the Egyptians could have quarried and moved such a massive object. We could not do this with our modern technology. We lack the scientific knowledge to recreate such marvels even today.

[Note: At least, as far as we know this technology does not exist, yet. What black ops military weapons and technologies now exist, is another story entirely.]

So, how advanced does this really make us? Such ancient feats of engineering were the result of rapid human evolution (both spiritual and intellectual) that occurred more than once in the history of mankind.

And this science is not the result alien tampering or genetic engineering experiments either, as popular pseudoscientists would have us believe. In fact, the only changes in human intelligence are entropic ones. Man is rapidly devolving — if brain size is any indication. We have even dedicated a web page on this site — HUMAN DEVOLUTION — for the discussion of this important piece of the puzzle of true cosmic evolution.

It is not necessary to invent ad hoc theories about ancient aliens tampering with human evolution, if we understand the true energetic and organizational principles of the Creation. These principles are what Tetraskele was established to advance.

The ancient Vedas recorded that there are only two principles governing all of (physical) creation: Akasha and Prana. Akasha is the fabric of space itself, or 'aether.' Prana is simply the motion of all matter, as driven by the Akasha. It refers to the phenomena derived from motion relative to and through the tessellated, cubic aether. It is this interaction that drives all natural laws and phenomena.

The archaic Vedic texts had this to say about the aether, and the laws and phenomena that arise from its fixed wave frequency, and the movement of matter through it. Compare this statement to the cosmological statement concerning the Aether made by Hendrik Lorentz (above). If we understand Prana to be the EFFECT on all matter of its induced movement through the aether (all matter, from electrons to galaxies are brought into motion by the dynamic aether)—something known in 'classical physics' as an 'aether wind' or 'virtual wind'—then we see that the ancients and moderns all agree on the same basic principles.

“All matter is the outcome of Akasha; and all force, whether gravitation, attraction or repulsion, or life, is the outcome of one primal force called Prana. Prana acting on Akasha is creating (projecting) the universe.” – The Vedas


As we uncover the esoteric history of human evolution — interwoven into what we currently accept as history — the past takes on a completely new aspect. These discoveries are truly ground-breaking, and will force historians, anthropologists and archaeologists (not to mention theologians, philosophers and the rest of us), to question some of the basic foundational premises upon which conventional understanding rests. Not only will history never be the same again, but almost every field of the sciences is affected. This is a bold claim. And yet, the hard evidence of advanced sciences in the far distant past presented in these pages, should give the most ardent 'skeptic' a wake-up call. This is even more paradigm shifting when one gains a true understanding of the cosmological principles at the core of all truth.

This is the Arcanum! It was once a core science kept secret from the uninitiated. Our goal at Tetraskele, is to bring this knowledge back, presenting it in its true form, unveiled for the world to see. It is our belief that this corpus of ancient wisdom has been stolen by those who intend its use for world domination. It is for this reason that the light must once more shine upon all mankind, and along with its return, mankind will be held accountable for the truths it reveals. We are not 'paranoid,' but instead are able to recognize the technologies based in this ancient cosmological knowledge. As these technologies are employed as 'secret weapons,' the fears of the ancients are realized. Since the only way to remain free is to understand that which could be used to enslave one, it is incumbent upon those who know, to unveil this light once more. AUM

"Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity - an outer organization concealing an inner Brotherhood of the elect. Before it is possible to intelligently discuss the origin of the craft it is necessary to establish the existence of these two separate yet interdependent orders, the one visible and the other invisible. The visible society is a splendid camaraderie of "free and accepted" men enjoined to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian concerns. The invisible society is a secret and most august fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious Arcanum Arcanorum." — Manly P. Hall
In our own manner we are about setting the record straight. It is for this reason that we are 'going public' with our own theories and discoveries. This is why we offered Seminars, and intensive Workshops (where interested individuals can experience actual in-field research), at our old TETRASKELE® facility. We offered students of the Arcanum an unprecedented chance to study side-by-side our teams as they learned to read the ancient story written in stone that appears across the planet. We are truly saddened to see this opportunity lost to the public. However, we must move on.

This is a commercial website, however, our goals are far from materialistic. As we've started, the goal of TETRASKELE® is to rediscover and promote the truths encoded into ancient mythos, and to assist in the spiritual evolution of the soul (body<=>mind) of men and women everywhere—to make available tools for on-going personal exploration and enlightenment, based on our many discoveries. All of our products assist—in one way or another—facilitate the attainment of that goal. If you agree with our goals, and our approach, we encourage you to search through our store and find something that you might purchase for your own evolution. in the process, this will assist us to continue forward in our own mission.


Our discoveries arose directly from discoveries we made during our initial documentary work in the late 90s. After 15 years . . . this documentary is still in the works! It has evoked itself, into an entire reworking of science (and religion) as we know it. Your support will also keep this project moving forward, and insure that our discoveries make it to the Internet. From this larger work we will be extracting important information, and will make these discoveries available both as audio podcasts, and eventually as HD webisodes available for download.

Our St Helens, Oregon facility once offered special science programs in our lounge area, which were viewable for free during regular business hours. We will attempt to put together a virtual library of at least seem of these shows following the Fall of 2014.

For those of modern generations for whom the term 'bottom line' has become a mantra, the bottom line here is—if you appreciate what we're giving away, then we encourage you to fund this work by purchasing our amazing products. We offer some of the oldest items ever sold: the ancient elixirs of life, tibetan singing bowls, dowsing rods, "mastic' resins (the world's first chewing gum), natural resin-based incenses, Viking "sun stone" compasses, and more. We also offer modern tools for personal spiritual exploration and evolution as well, from hemi-sync devices and great music CDs for personal meditation and creative work, to the best books in fields like alternative healing, essential oils, occult philosophy, entheogens, gnosticism and more. Information on these offerings can be found under the PRODUCT INFORMATION menu sections.

We serve mankind, and seek to assist individuals to evolve beyond cycles of Samsara. We support anything that supports and enables the Immortality and Eternal Life (spiritual evolution) of the souls of men and women.

We are not a religion, nor are we seeking converts. However, we do urge you to get involved in your own evolution, and that of those whom you love. What we propose to do is point the way, nothing more. If our approach interests you, then there are a number of ways of getting involved, and learning more. Come and visit us. Support our research through product purchases. Join us for training in the Arcanum and Alchemy, or even ask us how you might volunteer to assist this, the Great Work. We're always open to new ideas.

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Standing stones of Prima Materia, bathed by the radiance of Luna, stand as they have for millennia on the Isle of Man


This website is part of a system of sites dedicated to aspects of these discoveries. Our sister site focuses on the alchemical side of these discoveries, while the website (a work in progress) is a presentation of evidence and discussions centered on the occult truths embodied in the esoteric practices of ancient times, and stresses the secret knowledge of the existence of the New World, and associated sacred sciences, as traditions passed from one age of man to the next. (Such traditions are exemplified in the myth of the "Churning of the Ocean of Milk," as well as many others stories, some dating from antiquity). This website is dedicated to the spiritual, and human evolutionary implications of our discoveries.

We pause in our own dialog at this point, to offer a couple pearls from a Theosophist overview of Masonry, as it was understood by a founder of this 19th century esoteric movement, Helena Blavatsky. The article highlighted was available for your online perusal at the time of this writing, and comes highly recommended. The title of the document is: "THE RIGHT ANGLE – MASONRY." (From the Theosophical Writings of H.P. Blavatsky, compiled by Geoffrey Farthing). Although is not affiliated with Theosophy, Mormonism, Gnostic or other religions of any sort, we seek truth where it is found, and religions based in cosmological fundamentals have long been established by the greatest of mankind, in order that fundamental cosmological truths can be seeded into the minds of men and women down through the ages. Although H.P. Blavatsky was not the first to understand these great truths, she did manage to publish many books and treatises on this topic, calling attention to these truths dismissed as Asian fairytales by the beginning of the 19th century, to become accepted as legitimate (albeit esoteric) history by an international audience. As with any great thinker, some of her ideas were her own interpretation of fundamental truths. Other concepts came from purer streams of historic knowledge. But whatever the case, the basic ideas expressed in the following excerpts have been verified though our own research. We now have evidence which Blavatsky did not. We dedicate these groundbreaking discoveries to her memory. Throughout these pages we will attempt to present this ancient illumination in a new light of understanding.

As a note, all proceeds from sales of our various sacred science products goes to fund our research. A percentage of our alchemical products are also donated to those who cannot afford them, but who need them and will use them in wisdom. We believe that this is the intent of the Creator, as all of nature is freely available to mankind. We truly own nothing, except a debt to all of Creation. Hence, we believe in consecration. Our goal here is to demonstrate that the legends of the ancients, of lands of peace and prosperity, were not only a reality, but were only made possible when human beings put aside their differences, and consecrated their time and efforts to helping one another, and to improving the world around them. We see ourselves as stewards, and as servants, not as owners of proprietary knowledge, or as movers and shakers. As such we are anachronistic, eccentric, and proud of it.

We present for your entertainment and illumination, our discoveries and theories, our intuitive hunches and tangible hard scientific evidences, all tossed together with a measure of humility and topped with just a hint sarcasm. Mostly, we are tired of lies being passed off as truth, and for the modern scientific community which protects its own interests at the expense of mankind's physical — and more importantly — spiritual evolution. We are aether cosmologists who stand in opposition to the BS (bad science) of Relativity and the reject the mathematical maze of the Quantum Mechanists. We are gnostic in our spiritual orientation, and decry materialism as the illusion which traps mankind in the labyrinth of rebirth, rather than freeing him to follow a spiritual path of light and truth. This iconoclastic stand may not sit with everyone. So be it. We stand in opposition to the drug-addiction and reactive medicine of allopathic medicine, in favor of a holistic, and integrated health-promoting lifestyle. We believe that we have, in our laboratory, a piece of the alchemical puzzle to which the famous Renaissance alchemist, physician, astrologer and natural philosopher, Paracelsus, spoke of when he referred to the use of mineral-based alchemical medicines. He understood that the “Philosopher’s Stone” (or Universal Elixir) was an alchemical preparation made from the mineral kingdom. The first stage — of a two-stage process — which lead to the realization of the Philosopher's Stone, was known as the Green Dragon.

In Asia and Asia Minor, the Green Dragon elixir was known by many names, but among the most famous was Amrita — the Nectar of Life – remembered in the myths of the "Churning of the Ocean of Milk," or, Samudra Manthan. We offer this Green Dragon elixir in our store, as Amrita•Soma®. Paracelsus was not alone in believing that when properly prepared, the mineral stone, in minute dilutions, could end sickness and retard aging indefinitely, transmuting the human organism, setting mankind on the pat to immortality. And yet, this evolution of mankind was driven by the spiritual quest for increased consciousness, as well the intellectual pursuits of the mind. However, the lapis philosophorum is merely a vehicle which prepares the human body for its spiritual progression, by transmuting it and freeing it from the cumulative effects of sickness and imbalances which accelerate the early demise of the body. Those whose search for immortality lead them to the stone, increased their chances of reaching the spiritual and intellectual goals which might require centuries to attain, and which most cannot attain due to their shortened lifetimes. In other words, the "Philosopher's Stone" is a means to an end: that end being the transmutation of the body and spirit of man into a form compared by the ancients to that of the brilliance of the Sun, allegorically. Hence, it was said that the alchemists' goal was the transmutation of the crude matter into gold. The foolish sought the riches of this earth, but the wise knew that the greatest treasures were those of immortality and eternal life, and also knew one was not gained without the other.

Alchemy, is the Great Work that places the initiate in the position to life long enough to learn that which one needs to attain Eternal Life (an at-one-ment with the Divine). it is only a means to an end, that end being a life without end of continuous, contiguous consciousness. This is the true path of human evolution, of ascension. However, most human beings think of ascension/heaven as a place to be desired. Rather heaven (in the real sense) lies within. Heaven is a state, not a place, and there is nowhere to look for this place but within. The truth lies in the domain of the Greater Eye.

Above the entrance to the cave of the Oracle of Delphi, the words Jesus Christ once stated were first placed for mankind's enlightenment. They read: Man know Thyself. We state this here once again. Let Tetraskele assist you in that realization. Enter within, all those who seek to find within. Welcome!



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This web site is the retail outlet for a number of products inspired by these remarkable discoveries. However, in an unusual approach to marketing, we are not focused on selling our visitors widgets, but on educating our readers so that the products we are selling are understood in the greater context of the human experience. If you have come here to learn, then you are in the right place. If you have come here to have a good time, well then — as luck would have it — you are also in the right place. These products fall into two categories: gifts for the Mind, and gifts for the Body. We might say that the goal here is to illuminate the mind, and to tune the body, so that the soul's potential may be realized. We should perhaps add that both mind and body must be healed as one, for true health to exist. Health—as has been stated by great minds, long before our time—is about balance. It is with this ideal in mind, that Tetraskele, Inc. was conceived. Our website is meant to educate, and not merely to sell. This is why there are no blinking banners, heavy metal jingles or ostentatious neon "BUY NOW AND SAVE" buttons. We hope that you, the reader, will even find some serenity here, and a place to learn at your own pace. Purchasing our products supports this work—as well as that displayed on our associated web sites—dedicated to various aspects of these discoveries. These sites are:
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