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Dorian Taddei (pronounced Tad-day) has a curriculum vitae that demonstrates a life-long fascination with the sciences. His curiosity came early in his childhood, and in his developing years he pursued hobbies and research in many fields of science including meteorology, astronomy and biology, became fascinated with the early underwater habitat experiments of Jacques-Yves Cousteau — which lead to an interest in archaeology and marine biology. During 9 years in college Taddei pursued several degrees, one in marine biology, earning two degrees in (B.S) graphics and (B.A.) illustration. Before he graduated with his B.A. in Illustration Taddei accepted a part-time teaching position as an instructor teaching airbrushing and technical illustrator at Cal State University, Long Beach.

Destined to walk unusual paths, as a scientific illustrator one of his first long term contracts was a series of illustrations for a new product line being funded by a retired physicist. This man would later reveal his work on electronic invisibility camouflage skins for TS-Ultra craft being developed at Area-51. Soon after this Taddei was serendipitously asked by a private consortium of independent physicists, to document the principles of electrical-gravity propulsion (UFO technology) under development by this group. At this juncture Taddei became a student of aetheric physics, and was mentored for 15 years in related sciences until the untimely and death of the two leads in this project who died under mysterious circumstances, shortly after their technology was to be made public. Following his detailed and documented sighting of two US electric-gravity ships spotted leaving El Toro Naval Airbase and Los Alamitos Naval Airbase (September 17th, 1994), Taddei put the idea out on the Internet that the vast majority of 'UFO' sightings wet U.S. (and allied) ships. He suggested to the Internet community that a study should be instigated to coordinate sightings across the nation, in an attempt to prove this hypothesis correct. In 1996 the NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) did just this. In a report filed over the Internet, the NIDS confirmed that over 94% of ALL UFO sightings were made within the flight corridors (protected radar ranges) of major national Air and Naval Air bases.

Dorian Taddei has had over 40 years of independent research in the area of esoteric and occult traditions. A child of the 1960s, Taddei was an avid explorer of human consciousness. Involved in what might be called a psychonautics (the navigator of consciousness), Taddei discovered many links between the nature of human consciousness, and its origins in the aetheric medium. He was the recipient of an aetheric cosmology originally influenced by the work of Nikola Tesla himself.

Tutored in aetheric cosmology, and a student of the work of Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla and other genius inventors, it appears that each facet of Taddei’s life experiences prepared him to comprehend the Great Arcanum, its occult principles, and to be able to comprehend the mindset of the ancients themselves. These hierophantic astrologer-priests were all initiated in the Great Arcanum, and were therefore taught the same aetheric truths. Today, and — like Taddei — understood aetheric cosmology. This is the core science behind every facet of the Arcanum.

In 2003, in a sandstone cave decorated in ancient petroglyphs, Taddei would witness the solar light/shadow animation on a cave wall, intended by its creators to teach esoteric principles through this play of light and shadow. The dating of the Ogham cyphers and Mithraic symbolism — conducted by members of the Western Epigraphic Society in the 1980s-1990s — dated these glyphs to approximately the 2-3rd centuries BCE. Oddly, there appeared a mix of symbols, star patterns, language cyphers (Ogham is a cypher, not a language) linked to a number of ancient cultures not considered to have been connected to one another. However, as Taddei has now proven, these links are esoteric in nature, not cultural, nor specifically temporal. It proves what has long been said of ancient esoteric orders, that they were in communication with one another, across the Old World. Now we can see that these same groups came also to the New World, and spread their sacred sciences to initiates right across the planet!

Through a correct understanding of both the symbols, and the global esoteric nature of those who produced them over two millennia ago, Taddei was able to decipher their meaning. At a unique rock art site in the Mojave Desert of California, Taddei would make breakthroughs that permitted an esoteric (alchemical and astrological) interpretation of not only the petroglyphs at this site, but also those at the Oklahoma location, and in fact, of the occulted messages at rock art sites across the entire planet. For the first time in perhaps 2,000 years this ancient ideogrammatic language of the ancient astrologer-alchemist-priests (Armenian Haik Priests, Magi, Egyptian Hierophants, etc) can be read and understood. Our understanding of history will never be the same!

Joined by his wife (Catherine), and assisted over the years by a small group of researchers and scientists, Taddei has unveiled the ancient secrets of ancient alchemy. In his Oregon-based laboratory the Elixir of Life is once more begin produced on a small scale, and is being distributed to those who seek revitalization (negentropy) and life extension, for the purposes of spiritual evolution. This is the secret of the so-called Holy Grail. This knowledge allowed for the creation of the fabled Philosopher's Stone, and inspired the myth of the Fountain of Youth. This elixir of life, in one form or another, inspired the ancient Celtic and Nordic myths, and is the basis of the underlying symbolism of the oldest oriental mythologies, including the Samudra Manthan (the Churning of the Ocean of Milk).

From ancient India through Indonesia and Asia this elixir of life was known as Amrita. The Rediscovery of Amrita, and the links between alchemy and astrology begin a new age of learning, and allow modern Man to recall the truth of the legendary Golden Age. At the dawn of humanity the ancients wisely understood that life existed for a purpose. They also understood TRUE cosmology.

This is why they famous esoteric utterance was coined, which has survived to our own day in the expression . . .

As Above, So Below