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Tetraskele is a unique outreach center and retail store, located in Old Town, St. Helens. Throughout the year we offer weekday and weekend 90-minute seminars, and weekend workshops. The 90-minute Seminars are fast-paced, state-of-the-art, multimedia presentations that offer students information and training in the true Sacred Science of the ancients.

Our weekend Workshops are a more paced, hands-on style of training. Usually lasting 8 hours (including a 1-hour dinner break) these Workshops are unlike any training you may have ever experienced. This is true "scared science,"on review. Explanations are provided, and "methods of action" are theorized — from the perspective of the Waltman-Taddei cosmological aether model — that explain phenomena which have stumped scientists for centuries. Was Einstein's theory a cover-up? Were the tenets of "Classical Physics" (and belief in the existence of a light-carrying medium) correct? These Workshops address such questions using the knowledge and claims of the ancients — the knowledge of the true nature of the aetheric fabric of space itself.

Live demonstrations are designed to clarify the physics of the aether, the nature of real Chi (aka Prana) energy, and a host of other related esoteric topics, in a fashion that allows students to see for themselves the reality of the forces underlying the Great Arcanum. Vibrational harmonic principles (cymatics), and various technologies are both shown and explained to clarify the cosmology underlying the true TOE (Theory of Everything).

Periodically we will lead small expeditions to ancient sites located in the Great Basin, as well into the Pacific Northwest, in order to permit students first hand experience with esoteric archaeology. These are rare opportunities for self-initiation illumination, however, these rock art sites were designed to be utilized only during astrological cusps — seasonal positions of the earth along the ecliptic which align with lunar nodes. It is only during planetary syzygies that represent planetary alignments and the stability and instability of aetheric forces, made certain operations possible. Students will learn of these alignments, their proper use, and will see numerous examples of sites across the world exhibiting these practices. Stonehenge is a single example of this sort of alchemical geomancy, but there are countless others.

Workshop attendees, who are cleared for participation in these occult archaeo-astrological Expeditions, pay their own ways. Family members may be invited, but require Tetraskele approval (please see our INFO page on our policies HERE). Groups form research caravans that follow our instructor(s) mostly to easily-accessed (and a few more remote locations) where the ancient occult practices of alchemy and astrology converge. Visits to these sacred sites are preceded by in-depth seminars that detail the expedition objectives, and allow for car pools and logistics to be worked out between participants. TETRASKELE offers these expeditions FREE, to paid weekend workshop attendees ONLY. Registration is on a first come, first served basis.

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Details of our on-going breakthroughs in alchemy and cosmology, relevant breaking scientific discoveries, and coherent presentations that channel a universe of topics through a filter of esoteric principles, shatter many current paradigms, offering a unique and coherent overview of the universe, found nowhere else. This universe is infinite, and steady-state. This is a fundamental cosmological premise, and the clarification of such principles lies at the core of our Rediscovery of the ancient science of the Arcanum.

We are all about Sacred Science; as the esotericist and polymath R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz called it. Our goal is to integrate the world of the physical with that of the spiritual; and we deliver. This is not existential, new age syncretism, but represents the integration of empirical science and metaphysics.

Among the themes we address in our courses, "The Secret Destiny of America," is but a single example of topics that unique to our facility. The work and theories of some of the greatest minds in the history of science, are regularly presented, and in laymen's terms, in order to revisit and demystify otherwise complex topics such as: archaeoastronomy, aetheric cosmology, alchemy, ancient astrology, occult rituals and connections to entheogenic sacraments, the tradition of the labyrinth dance and Heiros Gamos, the decipherment of the savior myths of antiquity, the true, ancient Kabbalah, Chi/Prana energy and its relation to Feng Shui, evolution of Yoga and connection to the Elixir of Life, the hidden science behind the Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry, and so on. Entheogenic rituals and origins, various practices and their sacramental components, the neurochemistry of consciousness, the CIA and suppression of the science behind Marijuana, LSD-25, on-going projects utilizing the Mind Control techniques of MKUltra, and dozens of other equally enlightening topics, provide new insights into the history of mankind and the foundation of civilization.

We invite you to look at the schedule of upcoming 90-minute Seminars, and Weekend Workshops if you are interested in participating.

Tetraskele offers a learning experience like no other . . . Science for your Third Eye!

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Our STORE HOURS (for the Summer and Fall) are Tuesday – Saturday, from 2pm – 7pm, PST. Hours are subject to change, so please be sure to check our time on this page before heading to our facility. We can be reached by pone during business hours, or you can leave a message to request a call back. PHONE 503.397.3164