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We are located at 292 S. 1st Street, in beautiful Old Town, ST Helens, Oregon. We can be reached (during regular business hours) on our land line at: 503.397.3164

Our GIFTS FOR YOUR THIRD EYE had their origins millennia before modern folk-occult traditions, decipher for the first time since the Golden Age. We’re quite serious. Curious? We represent a modern unveiling of the “sacred science” of the ancients, the GREAT ARCANUM.

Drop in and bring your Third Eye. If you’re coming in from out of town feel free to give us a ring and let us know so that we can be sure to meet you at the Tetraskele facility at your convenience.

Our SUMMER HOURS are from 2:00PM - 7:00PM, TUE – SAT only.


We understand that St Helens is an unlikely place for our unlikely treasure trove of ancient “sacred science.” However, this is where we felt inspired to put it, in the shadow of the volcano (with a nod to Vulcan). Come and let us show you how to decipher the ancient petroglyphs. This is how we learned of the genuine arcana! We explain alchemical texts and emblematic art, revealing the true atomic physics of the aether, and alchemy itself. We offer seminars and extended workshop-expeditions covering these and many other arcane topics. Don’t come expecting merely another New Age shop or Wiccan gift store. However, those you recognize the need for (and practice) inward reflection, will feel right at home at Tetraskele.

~Tetraskele is where the Golden Age meets the 21st Century~

Our Rediscovery of the Secret of the Ages has enabled us to produce some truly amazing products. How would you like to avoid illnesses from airborne bacteria and viruses? What if you could live 130 years free of major illnesses?

Do you now we are all very deficient in magnesium? We can fix that. Would you like to learn to “train” your Chi energy? We have a tool for this that costs only $6.95! Do you know what a Hemi-Sync device is? Come take a ‘trip’ on one and find out!


Our products absolutely unique. Many are made by us, including our amazing alchemical elixirs. Our manufacturing arm (for alchemical elixirs Amrita and Azoth, and supplements) is Spagyric Arts. Be sure to check out the science behind our products at this site.

Drop in and try the actual Elixir of Life (known as Amrita in Asia and ancient India) absolutely FREE. We carry esoteric art, occult and alternative science books, including hard to find books on essential oils, perfuming, sacred geometry, Gnostic and Hermetic texts (from both ancient and modern authors), and some of the most fantastic incense anywhere, made entirely of plat resins, essential oils and flowers.

While you’re visiting ask to watch some of our unique Science presentations in our comfortable viewing area. This is also . . . FREE!

Tetraskele is our outreach center for those who are seeking the light. Come on down and see why ours is shining so very brightly. See you here!

Dorian Taddei - President


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