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One of the most enigmatic and misunderstood characters in the both Century was Nikola Tesla. He was also one of the greatest geniuses of any age. Lampooned by those of little vision, and generally misrepresented by critics from all depths of ignorance, we are going to set the record straight. Tesla not only held lightning in his hands, but he uncovered the foundation of the universal cosmology: the Aether. Join us as we change your scientific perspective forever, in this exciting seminar dedicated to the genius and spirit of the father of 20th century technology, a man betrayed by the government of his adopted land. A man of peace, not war. Think different. You will be shocked by what you learn!

Nikola Tesla introduced to the world many of the modern marvels of our age, technologies largely taken for granted in our time. He invented the form of transmitted electricity known as alternating current (AC), and created the first AC hydro-generators, enabling pollution-free electricity to reach the masses desiring a new form of energy. The rest is, as they say, history; a history begin by Nikola Tesla.

Tesla also invented radio. The patent for this invention was granted to Tesla, however, only posthumously. He did not stop there, but first demonstrated radio by showing off a radio (remote) controlled submarine, and even encrypted the transmission, and so also invented broadcast encryption itself. Tesla also invented the wave guide and radar. He created the first atomic fission energy source (the Carbon Button Lamp), and invented fluorescent lighting, some 40 years before it was adopted by industry. He also invented X-rays, and these alone have helped saved millions of lives.

Tesla also invented robotics, and changed the world forever with his invention of the electric motor. There is little he did not invent in his short lifetime. [For more info we suggest clicking on this link]

He created the greatest money making energy of all time, and wanted so much to help the world, that was willing to allow himself to be ripped off for a fortune by his ex business partners, in order to keep his discoveries moving forward for the sake of mankind. And yet, despite his genius and vision, he died a pauper, alone in a NY City apartment. One of the primary reasons for this was that he would not assist the United States government develop strategic weapons, but instead, remained a pacifist. Defensive weapons were all he was willing to build for the military, but this was not enough. They demanded first-strike weapons. We cover what is known from the famous Philadephia Experiment, and demonstrate that his refusal to comply with tactical weapons development fisted upon him, likely ended his friendly relationship with the U.S.military. He offered them the ultimate defense grid, utilizing his "death ray" technology: a technology which — we at Tetraskele hold — has been used for decades. This is the basis for everything from weather control to the 'death ray!' [Note: This will be shown to have been, in fact, the same technology that destroyed the WTC and surrounding buildings on 9-11!]

Tesla's work with "ball lighting" was one of the most misunderstood aspects of his research into the true nature of the aether. Had he not been shut down (by banker-monopolist J. P. Morgan, with the help of the newly formed FBI), he would have given mankind the ultimate Free Energy source. But the men who who controlled American industry would never have it. Tyrants and kings can never exist where men are truly free. Mankind must be enslaved to be controlled, and there is no easier way than to charge the world for the energy needed to make their own lives easier.

Join us as we revisit history, and look more closely at a man who changed the future of mankind: The Man Who held Lightning!

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Biographical book on the life of Nikola Tesla TESLA: MAN OUT OF TIME


Those interested in information on the life of Nikola Tesla might be interested in checking out one of the books in our library (and available from book retailers elsewhere as well) called, "TESLA: A MAN OUT OF TIME," by physicist Margaret Cheney. Cheney includes an anecdote about Tesla's often repeated demonstration wherein he produced a ball of red flame which he held in his hands, that did not burn. He would produce it with a snap of his fingers, and with no apparent apparatus generating it. He would then proceed to play with it, often dropping it into the laps of his guests for a chuckle. As mysteriously as it was produced, it would disappear when Tesla placed it into a box. Among the associates of Tesla shown this odd demonstration, was the famous Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain). An excellent biography, Cheney's story leaves off with an interesting anecdote about the ball lightning research that followed in the wake of Tesla's research. Tesla truly was the MAN WHO HELD LIGHTING. Join us for an evening of novel information, and learn how Tesla's science may have been the weapon used to take down the WTC on 9-11. It does't get much more interesting than this.


It is highly suggested that those who choose to attend this seminar familiarize themselves with the true aetheric cosmology. Our seminars (AETHER 100, and AETHER 200) are deliberately scheduled before the TESLA seminar for this reason. Check scheduling, as these AETHER seminars will be run several times each throughout the fall season. It is our hope that those who decide to pursue any are of occult science start with the basics. For millennia the true nature of the aether (aka Akasha, Soph, the ALL, the One Thing, and so on) was the most deeply concealed truths of the Great Arcanum. And this is as it (once) should have been. At Tetraskele, we believe that the time has come to reveal this truth once more to the uninitiated world, as it was in the Golden Age. Tesla, however, also maintained secrecy in this regard. However, he once stated, for the public record, that "nothing can exist without an ether (aether)."

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