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(90 minutes)

Our second cosmology seminar. AETHER 200: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, builds upon the information presented in AETHER 100, and moves into the area of life itself. We discuss the real energy behind Cold Fusion, the implications of Hydrogen-1 energy as it pertains to life itself. The electrical nature of the universe, gravity and magnetism, and even the nature of light itself are redefined using the Waltman-Taddei aether model.

We discuss the nature of Creation itself, how it started, and where it is going. Is the Big Bang totally incorrect, and if so, what is the true nature of the universe? We will answer these questions, and along the way debunk most of the mainstream nonsense deriving from the wild interpretations of Relativity derived solely from inductive mathematical models. We will show the simplicity of the true cosmology, and show that there need be only three dimensions to explain all phenomena. Black Holes, Worm Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, all are shown to be examples of BS (bad science), as we unravel the mysteries of the universe using simple deductive logic and the Waltman-Taddei aether model. This theory explains the universe as a cubic, rectilinear structure of standing light. This has been called many things, including scalar waves, zero-point energy, the LCM (light carrying medium), and many other names. However, until now the simple nature of its structure and dynamics have remained a mystery.

We will suggest that this aether is not a mystery to everyone, and endeavor to supply ample evidence suggesting a massive cover-up of this cosmology has been underway for over 160 years, perhaps beginning with the tampering of the famous Maxwell Equations (1850).

From the Dance of Shiva to the spiraling of the galaxies, we tie together the phenomena arising from the dualized aetheric medium and motion through it. Now we can explain why inertia and gravity are the same thing. We may easily explain the use of the Egyptian Ankh as the symbol of life, and demonstrate that the ancient hermetic axiom "As above, so below," is not a metaphor, but a scientific absolute.

Learn an alternative they of planetary and galactic creation, reexamine the mystery to the solar system's heavy metals, and discover the real birthplace of main sequence stars. You will learn to see the universe in a completely different light, and discover the relevancy of ancient astrology to alchemy, as well as the effects of planetary syzygies on everything from life to sacred geometry.

Join us for AETHER 200: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, as we conclude an historic presentation that will change the way we all think about everything from the material universe to 'immortality and eternal life.' Learn the "Secret of the Ages," with us here in St Helens, at Tetraskele!

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