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Join us for a seminal event in the history of history, as Tetraskele announces the discovery of evidence for the migration of the tribes of Israel to North America, and demonstrates that the War of Armageddon will in fact be waged upon this continent, in the near future!

Beginning in 2003, the decipherment of ancient petroglyphs from both Old and New World sites, has yielded some astonishing revelations. At a site we refer to simply as the Mojave North rock art site, not only did the numerous ideogrammatic, esoteric petroglyphs at this site prove to be alchemical symbols, warnings (or intrusive minerals), and formula for making the elixir of life, there there also existed a single script — and ancient language written in 8 characters in a script known as Samaritan. Furthermore this Samaritan proved to be very old, on the oder of 3600-3300 years before present (1600-1300 BCE). The Samaritan script at this site marks the first time this language has been discovered outside of the area of the Levant and Asia Minor. It apparently also is encoded in the sacred esoteric notation know as the Kabbalah.

Deep in the wind swept deserts of the Great Basin of North America, lay the keys to understanding the true, occult history of the Amerindians of the plains states of North America, and the story of the so-called Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Join us for a seminal event in the history of history, as Tetraskele unveils the discovery of evidence for the migration of the tribes of Israel to North America, following the cosmic catastrophe — known from the Bible — as the Exodus of Israel.

We begin this esoteric journey into occult history using the Kabbalistic decipherment of a Samaritan script found in the extreme northeastern Mojave Desert, of California. Inscribed in dolomitic limestone, before 1,300 BCE. This amazing script is directly associated with the Ten Tribes of Israel. We will demonstrate Kabbalistic links between the interpretation of this script, serpent symbols below two characters, and additional clues, tying this discovery directly back to a secret, prehistoric migration of the Tribes of ancient Israel, to North America: the ancient Zion!

We also offer the first correct, occult decipherment of the controversial Stela number 5, from iIzapa, Mexico, which has puzzled archaeologists fore decades. Mezzoamerican researchers correctly identified the central image as a Mezzoamerican world tree, connecting the sky above and the water or underworld below. However, they do not understand the fundamental mythology of voyages to the Under World, as referencing actual ships crossing from the upper-world — or Middle-earth — to the New World continents of the Americas. Only once this ubiquitous theme is identified, coupled to the knowledge that esoteric orders were in contact across the planet even in archaic times, can a proper decipherment be established.

We show that this artifact represents a contract made, between Olmec leaders, in what is now Chiapas, Mexico, and Hebrew Priests representing the Israelite people, insuring the safe passage of members of all twelve tribes — via Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico ports, under their control — to the immigration center set up in what today is Poverty Point, Louisiana.

The latest archaeological finds at the huge mound complex at Poverty Point, reveals that this site — a prehistoric version of Ellis Island — was developed in several stages, each built by an army of laborers, and in only a matter of months for each stage. Up to 2,000 or more individuals would have been required to construct such large earthen mounds. This meant a population of 6,000 or more were living at the site at this time. Plains Indians lived in groups of only 50 people, or less, and had no ability to muster such forces, let alone the knowledge of cultivating crops necessary for feeding such hoards of individuals. So, who built the Poverty Point structures?

Enigmatic plates featuring Hebrew, and unusual characters that appear to be cuneiform, as well as other Old World languages, artifacts including esoteric symbols from the Old World such as Eurasian labyrinth designs and gammadions and swastikas symbols, have been found all over the geographic zones occupied by the ancient Mound Builder cultures. In fact, the Cahokia Mounds, located in Illinois, was once a massive city spreading across almost 6 square miles, and boasting a population close to 20,000 people. It was the largest ancient city in North America, and was the most sophisticated prehistoric civilization north of Mexico.

Mound cities were found from Oklahoma (Spiro Mounds) to Alabama (Poverty Point), and from the Panhandle of Florida to Ohio. These were not merely indigenous cultures, but represent the Tribes of Ancient Israel, who migrated to the Under World, to a place they knew as, Zion, their New Jerusalem, beginning immediately after the Exodus from Egypt in 1600 BCE. We will show the evidence for this migration. Hard evidence. Including the discovery by our team, of the ancient Samaritan script, carved into dolomitic limestone in northeastern California. This script pre-dates almost every example of Samaritan found in the ancient middle east, including examples of the Pentateuch (the original five books of the Old Testament) as discovered at the Dead Sea.

We will show the direct and undeniable connection between the carvers of the California Samaritan script, and the Serpent Mound site, in the Ohio Valley, and show that the Ohio Valley was once known as the New Jerusalem, 1500 years prior to the birth, of Christ. The implications of these discoveries are staggering. They tie directly into ancient prophecies of the final war that would engulf humanity, known in the Hebrew tongue, as Armageddon!

In this astounding presentation we show that the famous Exodus of Israel, at least, for some families of this slave race, did not end in the ancient Jordan Valley., but that a large-scale trans-oceanic, evacuation of the Israelites, was focused on what in our times is the Ohio Valley, of the United States of America. Evidence from many sources, including the Mound Builder cities of the central states, the ancient records of the Israelites themselves, and even the controversial Book of Mormon, all point to the area of the Ohio Valley as having been settled by these same Israelites. Ancient scripts, construction styles of defensive forts and the Serpent Mound itself, all provide the proof for the claims of many early American researchers, that Israelites previously Egyptian slaves, migrated to the pre-Columbian Americas.

As astounding as our interpretation of this new evidence is, there is a second aspect of these discoveries that will shock and surprise attendees, as we unveil the links between these new findings, and the story of the Battle of Armageddon. We demonstrate not only that the ancient Israelites re-established a land and a city in the Ohio Valley that they called a new Jerusalem, but that there was indeed a real temple built in this new Jerusalem, in the year 1830. Furthermore, Hebrew rituals and ordinances enacted in this 19th century temple, occurred as predicted by the ancient Mesopotamian prophet Daniel, suggesting that this was indeed, what he referred to in his prophetic account of the War of Armageddon.

The astounding conclusion of this groundbreaking presentation, is that the evidence supports only one conclusion: The great last wear that ushers in a new age of the Earth, the very Battle of Armageddon, ail begin here, in the United States of America!

Don’t miss this seminar. Your very future may rely upon it!

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