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For the first time since the Renaissance, the mystery of what the legendary Philosopher's Stone was has now been answered. Join Dorian Taddei as he unveils one of the greatest mysteries of Occult History in this wide-ranging romp through time, history and occult misdirection. Find out what lay at the root of one of the greets mysteries of all time!

An abbreviated version of our THE ELIXIR VITAE (ANCIENT ALCHEMY REVEALED) Workshop, THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE covers the basic history, mineralogy, atomic and healing principles of one of the greets true myths of all time! The term Philosopher's Stone (or more traditionally, lapis philosophorum, was the culmination of millennia of alchemic science. It was nothing less than the "elixir of life' containing all five of the fundamental di-atoms we have come to call OMMPAs (an acronym we coined, meaning Orbitally-Mirrored Metallic Primordial Atoms), and more recently our favorite acronym: DHARME (pronounced dar-mah), which stands for diatomic, homonuclear, Aetherically-Resonant Metallic Elementals — paired mono-atomic metalloids that act as elements, or nobel gases because they cannot form other bonds when in their DHARME state. The electron bonds formed between themselves we theorize to be unique among atoms. We have named the Mobius Bond. These bonds form as sub-orbitals between only two electrons, one donated from each atoms. These unique five metals form these bonds due to the uneven number of electrons in their shells, as well as due to their Face-Centered Cubic (crystallogic) structure. As they flip to face one another in a mirror-like fashion, their orbitals pull together forming a tightly packed di-atom, and share in a uniquely balanced electrostatic attractive condition (called Van der Waals force), as well as forming a Mobius Bond.

There are only five possible DHARME metalloids, these bonds occurring only between di-atomic pairs of Cu, Rh, Ag, Ir and Au atoms, when in their 'primordial' mono-atom state.

These five di-atoms, once referred to as the quinta essentia (QE), act as di-atomic transducers, converting their non-harmonic mechanical libration (rattling motion) through the aether, into THz (terahertz) frequencies just below the threshold of visible light. In an aqueous medium, these frequencies are absorbed 100%, and as they are attenuated, and shift down in frequency, frequencies that are harmonically resonant with sub-cellular structures drives cellular processes at an artificially high rate.

One might be tempted to use a computer-age analog. DHARME metalloids super-charge the process known as clathrin-mediated endocytosis (a form of cell wall invagination), in a fashion similar to increasing the clock speed of a computer processor. The end result is, the body's immune system is NATURALLY embellished, without drugs and in a way that does not interfere with the natural healing process. These QE were what the ancient alchemists sought for, concentrated in their "elixirs of life," and in the case of the Philosopher's Stone, trapped in a red, super-cooled water stone.

Join us at Tetraskele, as we introduce the world to the true atomic science of ancient alchemy, in this seminar we call simply, THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE.

As a special bonus, all registered attendees will all be offered samples of the "elixir of life" at the seminar, absolutely free!

Attend the Tetraskele's Evening Seminar series for one of the most important breakthroughs in modern medicine, that is really the oldest healing science of all time. Be prepared to have your Third Eye opened, when you experience the true science of THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE!

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