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Modern 'Man' lives in an ordered world. His sciences teach of vast epochs of relative sameness, resulting in uniform change and gradual evolution of the 'survival of the fittest.' This doctrine has come to dominate the mindset of almost everyone on Earth. it is interpreted not only in geology and biology, but this tenet is extended into the field of anthropology. But, what if this world view is radically incorrect? In the seminar "Creation from Catastrophe," we present a whole new cosmogonical set of premises that radically alter our perspectives of the origins of the Earth, as well as the evolution of life on the face of it. These two ideas go hand in glove, once the bigger picture is clarified. Join us as we present recent discoveries that overturn many of modern science's current conventions.

We begin by
debunking the Big Bang, and move through the sciences from the mineral to animal 'kingdoms' to illuminate a simpler, more efficient model of the origins of the universe, the solar system, and life itself. As the facts are presented, the false premises are eliminated one by one, until a single coherent cosmogonical model reveals itself, which answers all of the anomalies of this creation, succinctly and efficiently. We then show that this knowledge existed anciently, and that the true cosmogony was recorded in ancient texts and in hoary creation myths from antiquity. Learn how modern man is only now re-discovering what his ancient ancestors once knew, a coherent concept of creation destined to overturn much of the science of our era.

Ancient myths speak of global catastrophe, triggered by close encounters by pleat-sized comets, and impacts of comet debris. A virtual avalanche of new evidence supporting the reality of bombardment cycles linked to comets, has made headlines over the last two decades alone. Once, less than 30 years ago, geologists assured us that something like 1% of all craters were impact-related, the rest were volcanic. Since the discovery of the 160-mile wide impact crater in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, scientists now tell us that better than 90% of craters are actually impact-related. How could so many trained astrophysicists and geophysicists have been so wrong? The problem lies in premises upon which theories are built, and over time these theories become dogma.

Sir Charles Lyell popularized the work of James Hutton’s, whose concept known as uniformitarianism (the idea that the earth was shaped by the same processes still in operation today), coupled to inductive logic, laid the foundation of modern science. Lyell’s book the Principles of Geology, argued the idea that the earth was shaped by the same processes still in operation today. Lyell’s uniformitarianism would greatly influence Charles Darwin. However, new discoveries have demonstrated that catastrophes of a global scale explain many of the periods of rapid proliferation of species, and properly interpreted, even explains the sudden appearance of civilization, as conscious set man apart from the apes,. Modern anthropological theories do not take into account this spontaneous intelligence, and attempts to paint the rise of man from apes as uniform and gradual. However, the evidence does not support this concept at all.

What if the fundamental premise of Uniformity theory is largely incorrect?

Scientists project their mathematical models — based in the "Bang" — backwards in time, in an attempted to create an Uniformitarian story of ordered ages and evolutionary of events that lead up to the existence of the solar system. In this theoretical belief system, comets should long ago have disappeared from the night skies. Additionally, the inner planets should not be metallic in nature. Also, the Big Bang theory also does not explain the asteroid belt, the frequency and scale of comet-sun interactions, the persistence of lower-than-expected output from the troposphere of the Sun, comet crater chains on the Earth and Moon, or hundreds of other facts that continue to baffle astrophysicists. This is what happens when you build your cosmological house on the shifting sands of bad premises. None of the data collected on these phenomena can really be explained by strict adherence to the Big Bang!

The Big Bang model tells us that there should not be many comet bodies left to threaten the solar system. Comets themselves, imagined to be dirty balls of ice (from a purely theoretical'Oort Cloud') have been found to emit highly energetic X-Ray radiation. This is a neat trick, for a snowball.
Geologists also struggle with their data, as evidence demonstrates the reality of this earth as a catastrophic planet. We'll look closely at the evidence mentioned above, and other evidence, which all points to the need for a radically different cosmogonical model.

This new theory will then be presented!


Beginning with the theory of gradualism as presented to the scientific community by Charles Lyell (1805), it was boldly proclaimed that any rapid mountain building was limited to the distant past, and took long periods of time to complete. The evidence below demonstrates some obvious anomalies which suggest that although some mountains may take a long tie to build, sometimes they can be created almost overnight.

Examples of extremely rapid mountain building can be found at 11,500 feet, in the Andes. A curious whitish streak runs along the side of the mountain range for over 300 miles near the famous salt water lake known as Lake Titicaca. It is composed of the calcified remains of marine plants. In fact, many lakes up in the Andes region are completely salt. A layer of salt lies along the lake shore of Lake Titicaca at an angle to the water level. Originally it must have been horizontal. Clearly the land was not only thrust up to its present altitude, and was tilted in the process. Not only is the water saline, there are seashells as well as traces of seaweed. The lake must have been a bay or inlet of the sea in recent times. Various sea creatures — including sea horses and sharks‚ still survive in Lake Titicaca.

This sterile region high altitude region is capable of sustaining only a scant population. Yet, traces of a huge city lie along the southern side of the lake. Here there are ancient gateways hewn from solid stone, some 30 feet long and as high as 15 feet, and they still pivot freely. In the fifteenth century, Spanish conquistador Cieca de Leon was the first european to be confronted with this colossal mystery. 

These ruins of Tiwanaku, in Bolivia, are extensive. A great city once existed here, but Tiwanaku sits today at an altitude of 13,000 feet. What did the population use for food? Maize will not bear fruit a this altitude. Yet legions of terraces, now abandoned, rise as high as 18,400 feet above sea level, some up under the snow. Once, a large scale agricultural society had thrived here. Could the site once have been lower? 
If the Andes were 2,000 to 3,000 feet lower, maize would ripen around Lake Titicaca and the city of Tiwanaku could support the large population for which it was designed.
Even more shocking is that Tiwanaku sports the remains of an ancient ocean quay, suggesting that once, the city was built at sea level - 12,500 feet lower! The remains near the stadium of Tiwanaku show five distinct landing places, harbors with moles and a canal which heads inland, and docks meant to handle hundreds of ships. So we're faced the remains of a once coastal city with a sea harbor at 12,500 feet altitude and 200 miles inland!

This is but a small sampling of the many geological, astronomical and biological and other evidences, bearing witness to the on-going catastrophic forces of creation. THE CATASTROPHIC CREATION is one seminar that will so radically alter your perception of the history of the world, that modern Uniformity theory, by contrast, will be shone to be wholly inadequate. We will literally shake up your world view.

Join us for a totally new way of understanding your planet's evolution. Experience "THE CATASTROPHIC CREATION," and you might just learn that the 'sky' really 'is falling'!

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The graph above demonstrates the direct correspondence between major marine extinction events (when most life in the oceans almost dies off) and major comet impact events. Note that there are 26 major comet streams (streams of comet dust, rubble and remnant meteoric debris, including small comets) which are all that remains of large comets that broke up in the inner solar system. Where these cross orbits with the earth, impact events have occurred.

P.S. While you're waiting for the 'world ending apocalypse', you might try calculating the damage and nature of the next impact here: Impact Simulator. It might help pass the time? However, we think attending a Tetraskele Evening Seminar in the sacred science of the Arcanum, might be more productive. Choose wisely.

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