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(90 minutes)

The second in a two part Tetraskele lecture series on the truth behind the UFO controversy, UFOS EXPOSED - SAUCERS & FLYING WINGS explores the topic of UFOs from the perspective of aetheric cosmology. This seminar picks up where the first episode (THE FIRST FLYING SAUCERS) left off, with an even deeper look at electrogravitics technology and its implications. Tracing the modern history of UFOs from the first official "flying Saucer' sighting in 1947 near Mt Rainier (a hybrid Horten 'Flying Wing'), to the extraordinary sighting of fleets of saucers, giant black triangular craft, and official government releases of UFO-related technologies to the public media, we are rapidly approaching the point where the truth will become quite apparent. UFOs are a key component of the U.S. Black Ops military arsenal!

In our on-going exposé on the UFO controversy, we examine UFO propulsion, air and space craft designs, and compare these ideas to footage shot over the last 70 years, eliminating the word "Unidentified" in the acronym
Unidentified Flying Objects!
This seminar includes the details of an eye-witness report by our own Dorian Taddei, whose work with a privately-funded electrogravitics project during the 1990s provided him with essential insights into the science behind the technology itself.

In the amazing conclusion to this lecture series on UFOs, we explore the aetheric fundamentals of the gravitational technology at the core of UFO design and flight characteristics. We review the Nazi 'Wunderwaffe" (wonder weapons) technology, and its acquisition through the clandestine Project Paperclip, and reevaluate the electrogravitics discoveries of Thomas Townsend Brown, and the claims of the Philadelphia Experiment. We continue our peek behind the curtain, to reveal the greatest technological cover-up in history!

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UFOS EXPOSED seminar series . . . the Men in Black probably won't!

In UFOS EXPOSED - SAUCERS & FLYING WINGS we use logic and fundamental physics ideas to reveal a vast array of different designs of electrogravitics spacecraft and weapons platforms, from 250-yard wide floating aircraft carriers, to microprocessor surveillance drones. For almost 70 years the U.S. has continued to build various forms of advanced electrogravitics-driven craft, built for various purposes both within and beyond the planet’s atmosphere. Based on a theoretical working model of electrical gravity-field technology, learn to identify various types of craft, their purposes, possible on-board weapons, and learn to recognize their flight characteristics, from actual footage. 

Since World War II, black-budget military weapons and covert research is a matter of public record. What is not known, however, is where all this money has really gone — what it may have actually paid for. Our purposes are not to reveal 'conspiracies' at Tetraskele, but it is our goal to illumine the minds of modern man to accept a more rational and deliberate intent behind mysterious agendas and a technology considered so important, that it remains at the center of the word's greatest cover-up in history!

The Nazis called their new technology the Wunderwaffe — wonder weapons. They certainly would have appeared to be magical during the period of the second World War, long before solid state circuits and space travel were even a dream. The Nazis are well known to have built the first jet aircraft, and rockets, and even pioneered the science behind the nuclear bomb. These facts are a matter of public record. Their V2 long-range rocket bombs became the inspiration for the U.S. space program. What is not known is that the U.S. "space rocket" craze was nothing but a clever cover-up for far greater technology which could never be made public. Why the complete lock down on this information? Sending his brother to investigate the refusal of the "Military Industrial Establishment to permit the Executive Branch's investigations into UFO technology, got both President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Senator Robert Kennedy killed. What was so important that even the President of the United States was not made privy to the truth?

Continuing our theme established in the first part of this series, UFOS EXPOSED - SAUCERS & FLYING WINGS, we revisit the Nazis' early UFO electrogravitic craft, including the infamous Foo Fighters, and Die Glocke (the Bell). As many authors and researchers now agree — the Nazis built more than merely the classic Flying Saucer discs. The creation of inertial field suppression technology (gravity suppression) employed in the SS's experimental Horten flying wing craft, spawned the first "flying saucer" media flap of 1947, based on the sightings near Mt. Ranier in Washington.

History also records that other European nations were scrambling for advanced technology both before and after WWII, but America appears to have grabbed the vast majority of what remained behind the Nazi retreat in Europe. The advanced information gained through the implementation of Operation Paperclip would lead American military forces to hidden labs and bunkers throughout previously Nazi-controlled territories. Did the abandoned military hardware confiscated from these bases result in America's current status as top dog in the struggle for military supremacy? When will the truth be told? What would happen if this incredibly advanced technology ever fell into the hands of people who wanted to be masters of the universe?

The shift from the mechanistic modeling of the aether to the abstract field mathematics of Einsterin's 'relativity,' will be exposed as a ploy to hide the true nature of electrogravitics technology. The evidence presented suggests a massive cover-up of the fundamental physics of true cosmology. The implications are there: someone is hiding the science of the aether! What if what are taught to embrace as fact, is the result of such misdirection and subterfuge. The truth may well prove stranger than fiction.

Join us for real answers to real scientific mysteries, when Tetraskele presents: UFOS EXPOSED - SAUCERS & FLYING WINGS. Begin your training in IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) today, exclusively at, and hope that the Men In Black do not confiscate your seat in this outstanding seminar. Order your seat now!