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Tetraskele presents a unique occult science series, like no other. Our intensive 90-minute seminars explore the mysteries of the cosmos and the enigma of human existence and consciousness, from different perspectives and disciplines. Never before have so many commonly accepted ideas been challenged by such interdisciplinary, coherent theories. Not merely theoretical, hard evidence in support of these competing paradigms is presented, making a powerful case for the rival of the ancient sciences here in the 21st century — at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

This seminar series explores the nature of the aetheric fabric of space, for its structure and its dynamics, to the forces derived from these fundamental causes. When a true Theory of Everything is realized, it will be seen that there are no paradoxes in this universe.

Collectively, these seminars represent what Thomas Kuhn referred to in his controversial book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions," as a 'paradigm shift'. What is presented here is a radically new perception of our own existence. And yet, this scientific paradigm is really the oldest knowledge on earth: once called the Great Arcanum.

Join us as we explore the mysteries of the universe, as they apply to all natural phenomena.

The rational science that blossomed in the Renaissance rose to challenge the accepted notions concerning the nature of Man, and Creation, which had reigned supreme for a thousand years during the (appropriately named) Dark Ages. As the seminal work of Nicolaus Copernicus' "De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium" — (On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres) overturned the geocentric cosmological model of the universe in its day — replaced by the heliocentric model — so the information presented here proposes to overturn many of the false premises that lie at the root of many of our modern scientific paradigms. As the renaissance genius Galileo built the first telescope (of his age), proving the validity of the Copernican model, we will present our evidence for the revolutionary ideas that lie at the core of the ancient knowledge known, once known as the Great Arcanum.

This seminar series presents new evidence that the knowledge — some of it reaching back to antiquity — was, in many ways, equal and even superior to our own. How can we explain many of the architectural, technological and cosmological marvels of the ancients — many of which cannot be reproduced with our allegedly superior technology? We explain the logic behind the occultation of the Arcanum, as an attempt (by those in possession of this advanced science) to protect mankind from the ravages of its misuse. Ancient mythology records what appears to be records of wars utilizing weapons whose descriptions bear remarkable similarities to those in our modern age. In this context, what appear to be advanced aircraft, beam weapons and atomic bombs, spoken of in early epic stales, and carved into hieroglyphs, are discussed, and analyzed. Was this approach to secrecy once warranted?

One of the greatest secrets ever kept was that of the fundamental nature of the cosmos. As the classical physicists searched for the mystery at the root of all phenomena, was there a counter movement which denied the simplest explanations, substituting complex mathematical metaphors for sound mechanistic reasoning? This "abstract fields" approach (like quantum mechanics) brought to a close the age of Classical Physics. At what cost?

Through this dries of seminars we demonstrate the many contradictions of 'ancient aliens' theories, showing instead that there existed ancient streams of wisdom was passed to initiates, from adepts, down through the centuries as hidden (occult) science. We expose some of the 'ancient alien' claims showing them largely be the fabrications of pseudo-science, and in some cases, deliberate propaganda designed to obfuscate the existence of this same ancient wisdom. We discover that evolution is an impulse, and not the result of gradual change, and that intuition coupled to rational thought was the key to dramatic leaps in consciousness.

The evidence leads us to the inevitable conclusion that, there must have existed — at some point in antiquity — a superior knowledge. Mankind is shown to be growing dumber, not smarter, and more aggressive and insensitive to his own destruction. We show the innate intelligence of ancient man trumps the advances of technological man. We will leave little doubt in the minds of attendees that the secrets of the universe lie not in space, on a distant world, but right between our own two ears!

Do these ancient truths threaten our current, established ways of thinking; both religious and secular. The implications of this are discussed, and the reasons that this might lead to deliberate cover-ups (such as the ancient alien myths, the denial of the existence of giants, modern Darwinian evolution, and so on) are elucidated.

Our Eurocentric view of history will be shown to be fundamentally flawed, as we offer hard evidence for the ancient occult knowledge of the existence of the continents of North and South America, and the knowledge of a spherical Earth — this during an age that publicly embraced the 'flat earth theory'. We present seminal discoveries and evidence proving that the mythological stories of an Underworld actually represented hidden knowledge — truths encoded into virtually every major myth, taught only to initiates of Old World occult orders. As we examine evidence from many locations across North America and Mexico, we uncover one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of world, the reality that the Americas were known to exist, anew ere visited regularly by hierophants and occult adepts from the Old World nations. We will show new evidence that following the comet disaster of 1637 BCE, that appears in the Biblical annals as the Exodus, for some 300 years, members of all 13 tribes of Israel were secretly evacuated to Zion, which can now be identified as the prehistoric "ellis Island" in Luisiana. Evidence from around the world is presented to prove this case. The implications of this fact, and the implications of a NEW Jerusalem being located in the heart of North America, will shatter mainstream interpretations of the final battle of this age of man, know once as the Battle of Armageddon. The implications are staggering!

The very tenets of Darwinian Evolution are challenged on the facts, as we offer a new concept of evolution based neither on inductive logic, nor on the literal interpretation of ancient religious records — which were written largely as symbolic, not literal texts. The occult disciplines of the ancient Egyptians, Druidic priests of the British Isles and Europe, the Armenian 'Haik', India and Tibetan mystics, and so on, taught a different story of evolution. Recent discoveries of the devolutionary brains of Homo sapiens, the morphic resonant field theory of British biologist Rupert Shelldrake, breakthroughs in water physics, and the mid-20th century esoteric revelations of R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, are presented in defense of a holistic, aetheric model of planetary evolution. Stunning in its implications, coherent and in harmony with modern observed data, the evolution of body and spirit as a coherent whole is yet another example of ancient science trumping modern materialism. The implications of this reevaluation of the concept of Creation breaks totally new ground. Student will learn a whole new way to visualize Nature as an extension of the aether itself.

As we present our integrated TOE, the rediscoveries of the principles of alchemy and astrology, and a sweeping reevaluation of the evolution of homed species, we are lead inexorably to answer the greatest questions of all time, those that have troubled philosophers since mankind first came to consciousness. We ail show that the ancients had it right all along. We will answer the questions of the origins of human consciousness, the purpose of life here in Earth, and clarify the true nature and goal of spiritual evolution of the soul itself.

This series emphasizes the unity of all things, from the macrocosm to the microcosm. Collectively, these seminars challenge the very fabric of our modern scientific and religious paradigms. We shatter conventional thinking, and expose the 'Secret of the Ages.' Discover why the ancient axiom, "as above, so below," represents the literal truth, as we light the way to a new millennia of coherent cosmology, philosophy and science.

Join us as we usher in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

NOTE: "FREE" Seminars cost $1.00. We consider this as good as FREE! This is merely a means of tracking our attendees. Full refunds are available upon request within 24 hours of the time/date of purchase. Regular 90 MIN SEMINARS cost only $15.00 in advance ($20.00 at the door).