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Tetraskele's two-part seminar series UFOS EXPOSED explores the topic of UFOs from the perspective of aetheric cosmology. Topics include the true history of UFOs, the aetheric cosmology of electrogravitics flight, and the extraordinary story of the occult science at the core of Germany's greatest technological accomplishments. Everything is fair game, nothing is occluded in this ground-breaking look into the true science behind the cover-ups. We turn the UFO controversy upside down in this paradigm-shifting series on a technology so secret, that it has remained in shadows for over half a century!

What you will learn in this amazing lecture on UFO technology, is that there is a single thread of cosmological reality connecting all true UFO sightings. In the first show in this series, UFOS EXPOSED - THE FIRST 'FLYING SAUCERS', we explore the true history behind the gravitational technology that lies at the center of one of the great mysteries of our time, beginning from the records of ancient India to the close of World War II. Learn whether the ancients really understood the cosmos in terms not recorded in the 'open' scientific literature. We ask, what are Flying Saucers, really? Why are they built the way they are, why the disc shape? What are their true origins; are they really alien, or actually man-made? How do they work?

We will discuss what Himmler's 'SS' Nazi juggernaut really built, and address questions concerning the American involvement in the acquisition of Nazi 'Wunderwaffe" technology following the invasion of Europe in 1945. We begin in ancient Siberia, and end this half of our exposé with a discussion of Project Paperclip and a hidden agenda that borders on real science-fiction! Also, the early evidence of electrogravitics discoveries of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown, the Philadelphia Experiment, and more!

We look behind the curtain, past the smoke and mirrors, to reveal the greatest technological cover-up in history. Don't miss this seminar series . . . the
Men in Black probably won't!

In UFOS EXPOSED - THE FIRST 'FLYING SAUCERS we begin by tracing the mythological records back in time, to discover the first Flying Sauces, and follow the history of this aether-based technology right up into the 20th century. We make sense of the mysterious facts surrounding everything from UFOs themselves, to so-called 'alien abductions,' cattle mutilation stories and enigmatic 'crop circles'. All this requires a great deal of history and modern scientific assumptions to be re-evaluated.

Is the modern concept of UFOs as alien craft legitimate, or do the majority of UFO sightings actually reveal a covert military agenda? Is the current UFO hysteria actually the result of a propaganda campaign to cover up a real, extant military technology? In this, part one of the two-part UFOS EXPOSED, the seminar series, we explore the history of UFO technology, from its earliest incarnations — in Indian Epics like the Ramayana and Puranas — to the occult-inspired technologies of the Wunderwaffe program.

We investigate claims that from 1922 to 1940, some 50 Tibetan Bon priests were forcibly kidnapped from Tibet, and subsequently tortured in an attempt to obtain their 'secrets.'  So prevalent was this story, that even producer Steven Spielberg included this in his plot for the original Indiana Jones movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark. What could be so secret about Tibetan religious ideas? The Bon claim their traditions originated in ancient Siberia, and are as old as 16,000 years or older.

What we will uncover in this ground-breaking UFO seminar, is that the knowledge of the true nature of the cosmos was one of the oldest and best kept secrets in the world. As we stress in many of our seminars, the true (aetheric) cosmology lay at the core of the ancient occult knowledge: the Great Arcanum (as it has been called). The search for this knowledge, and a fast-track to advanced military weapons, seems to have been the intent behind Himmler's exploitation of the accumulated occult knowledge of the Thule Society, his endless fascination with the collection of occult artifacts and technologies, and the revival of a Teutonic mythos as an overarching theme, are well documented. Where did he obtain so much occult science? Was some of this knowledge brought to Germany from mysterious Tibet?

The real mystery is, what did the Nazis really develop through all of their occult research and 'science?' What weapons were really pioneered by the Nazis, and did the United States end up with the early prototypes of these weapons following the invasion of Europe? We maintain that all these advances came from a single breakthrough: an understanding of the true aetheric cosmology. It is for this reason — the real fear that their sacred science would be used for building weapons, as it had before — that the ancients hid the truth from the world. This is the source of the term OCCULT (meaning 'hidden').

UFOS EXPOSED - THE FIRST 'FLYING SAUCERS is the first in a two-part series dedicated to a completely novel look at the UFO controversy. Despite the fact that there are scores of television programs and many TV series' produced by major networks, playing endless reels of legitimate and faked UFO footage, the TRUE story of the science behind UFO technology has never been explained . . . until now!

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