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(90 minutes)

Our seminar AETHER 100: THE UNIVERSAL AETHER discusses the causal universe of the aether, and its ties to sacred geometry. The Flower of Life, Phi (the Golden Mean), Cymatics, crystallography, the memory of water, and even the forces that drive live itself (once called Prana in India), are shown to derive from two facts: the aether and movement through it. Our seminal TOE (theory of everything) is presented for the first time in a public forum. Learn the connection between the aether, and ancient Arcanum. We discuss aether theory as it applies to the work of 20th century polymaths such as Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell, as well as taking it into the 21st century.

A try understanding of the aetheric fabric of space elegantly explains the fundamental forces of the universe. We demonstrate the actual principles behind many of the phenomena of the universe all derive from the same, simple aetheric structure. Gravity, magnetism, electromagnetic inductance, electric fields, light and inertia, all will be demonstrated to arise from this simple model.

We demonstrate that the initial act of the Creation was one of bifurcation, the creation of duality. We demonstrate that this knowledge is encoded into every ancient myth and religious telling of the creation, if properly deciphered. We will contrast and compare many of these texts to show the common cosmological truths encoded therein.

Learn a simple but stunning truth about the Taoist's symbol called the Taijitu (Yin Yan). Discover the principle encoded into the indian symbol of the dancing avatar of Shiva, the so-called Nataraja. We'll show the ancient Egyptian myth of the 'primeval waters', the story of Creation as recorded in the Egyptian-Druidic collection know as the Kolbrin, and truths recorded in the American hermetic text the Book of Mormon, all agree on the same cosmological principles.

The mechanical genius that first taught this simple aether theory, Charles Waltman III, once stated that the principles of the true cosmology were so simple, that they could be taught to a ten year old. We will demonstrate that this was not an exaggeration. We invite young and old, the seeker and teacher, philosophers, scientists and anyone truly interested in the nature of the universe in which they live, to join us as we unravel the "secret of the ages," on the shores of Oregon's mighty Columbia River. Experience AETHER 100: THE UNIVERSAL AETHER!

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