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Myth comes alive and Euro-centric history is overturned, as you experience the true occult history of the Americas. Learn the Secret of the Ages! Experience "Magi In The Mojave." Within the deserts of the Great Basin and American Southwest tens of thousands of rock arts sites. Until the discoveries of Dorian and Catherine Taddei, the millions of petroglyphs found at site not only in America, but around the world were not comprehensible. Their seminal discoveries show us that these so-called 'doodles' (or abstract ideograms) represent alchemical symbols and operations, astrological luni-solar calendaring sites (used to time alchemical operations), and maps to mineral rick locations. Just as incredible is the story of who made these petroglyphs, and why. Don't miss this third-eye opening event.

Transoceanic travel between the 'Old' and 'New' worlds has existed since antiquity. However, following a planet-wide comet impact disaster which occurred in ca. 4300 BCE (Noah's Flood, Epic of Gilgamesh) and the inundation of a major North American colony in the Gulf of Mexico (aka Atlantis, Atlan, L'Anka, Avalon, etc.) the existence of the American continents became the best kept secret of all time! The ancient hierophants (Armenian Haik Priests, Egyptian Hierophants, Magi and so on) secreted refugees to the Americas from the Old World, and initiated them in the ancient esoteric 'sacred sciences.' All of this history was unknown in our accounts of history, until now!

Presented for the first time to the public, this — the first of two FREE seminars covering the incredible breakthroughs in the decipherment of ancient rock art petroglyphs — reveals that the esoteric ideograms called petroglyphs, encode the 'sacred science' of the alchemists and astrologers of antiquity. Learn the true history behind history! It will forever alter your view of the wisdom and science of the ancient Magi!

Why stay at home 'waiting for the apocalypse' when you could be experiencing amazing, multimedia seminar presentations like this one, absolutely FREE! Sign up today! (And . . . who said nothing in life is free?)

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NOTE: "FREE" Seminars cost $1.00.
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