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All that is left behind of these traditions today in North America are the cryptic pecked ideograms found at rock art sites. In Central America the ancient pyramids and kivas still retain this secret history. Meanwhile, most of these ideogrammatic symbols recording the parallel esoteric traditions in the Old World, can still be found in the art and hieroglyphs associated with the ancient temples and subterranean sanctums of the older Mediterranean civilizations, carved into megalithic stone circles and cairns of Europe and the British Isles, and boldly displayed in the art and architecture of numerous late period centers of esotericism such as the cathedrals of the Knights Templar in Europe, and their churches on the islands of Bornholm and Gotland. There are still more recent attempts to preserve this symbolism, as is clearly displayed in the decoration of Masonic buildings like the infamous Rossyln Chapel, in Scotland.

However, the major mythologic tales and myth-cycle poems of all long-lived civilizations that once embraced occult (meaning hidden . . . from the profane) principles, remain even today as a largely uncorrupted corpus of this ancient science and wisdom. However, through the literalist eyes of modern eurocentic scientism, the idea of creation and hero myths as nothing but primitive attempts to explain the reality around them, has lead to the almost universal misinterpretation of all myths as primitive fairy tales. Nothing could be further from the truth! Modern science misinterprets this medium for the multi-generational transmission of eternal truth, and so our distant ancestors are imagined to have been primitive, ignorant and superstitious. Such an oversimplification and incorrect view of the evolution of human cognition and ontological maturity of the ancients, is so far off base that the revelations to be had in correct decipherment of petroglyphs will embrue the student of the occult with a spiritual as well as historical and anthropological gestalt. This is sacred science at its finest!

New World petroglyphs all that remains of these occult secrets, as taught to the Amerindians by these transoceanic, hierophantic Haik Priests, Magi and others of numerous ancient esoteric sects who crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to establish centers of initiation in the New World; once universally known as the Underworld. It is then to these remaining sites of initiation that we must go to unveil this hidden past. But, in order to do so we must learn to decipher these ancient symbols.

Beginning with the study of the Christian cabbalism employed by the 'Mormon Prophet' Joseph Smith(1), and the study of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbolism and rituals, founder Dorian Taddei (it might be said) turned his 'Greater Eye' to the decipherment of these mysterious petroglyphs of the American Great Basin.

Taddei's first breakthroughs into the alchemical and astrological nature of the New World petroglyphs, were realized in a cave once used by such traveling hierophants, located in the extreme western panhandle of Oklahoma. Known simply as Anubis Cave, the main figure carved into the cave walls (assumed by some to be an anthropomorphism of Mitra) is briefly illuminated in an archaeo-astrological, light and shadow animation recounting the purpose for the visits of these mysterious alchemist-astrologer-priests. The story told by the last rays of sunlight falling into this cave, can only be properly viewed on the evening of the Equinoxes. This was the tradition traceable to the dawn of esoteric traditions, as can be seen at rock art sites stretching back at least 20,000 years!

Val Camonica Rock Carving_Enhanced_Sword + Chalice (link Anubis Cave)
Complex esoteric petroglyph from the Pleistocene Val Camonia rock art site in N Italy, ca. 37,000 ybp. This image encodes the same truths as the Anubis Cave carving produced perhaps
30,000 years later in sans ton, in a cave in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

This symbolic image of a man, clearly standing upon a three-dimensionally rendered cube, and holding (in his left hand) what appears to be a sword, and in other hand an oddly shaped ideogrammatic symbol known as the 'alchemical quintessence' (aka the Holy Grail) in the other, cries from the literal dust to us, from across the ages, for those with 'ears to hear.' The sword represents a visceral comprehension of the principle of dualism on the part of an initiate; the knowledge and experience of good vs evil, light vs dark, light vs shadow. It cries to us from the distant past as the ageless representation of the principle of the bifurcation of the universe into duality. The Monad (aka Yin-Yan symbol) represents the same ontological truth. The "sword" is in the initiate's LEFT hand, as he stands on the "right hand of God," or is in the service of his God.

The symbol of 'alchemical quintessence' refers to the elixir of life, and it is held high in the light in this anthropomorphic character's right hand. It is being presented to the viewer. This symbolizes the sharing of this technology with those in the Underworld.

These are the same two symbols we find represented by the Judeo-Christian myth of the "garden" in which grow the TWO trees: one a Tree of Knowledge (experiential realism of universal duality) and the Tree of Life (alchemical life extension). These same truths were encoded into many other myths; they are universal principles.

To shorten a long story, Taddei began an intensive search for more examples of the transoceanic diffusion of occultism. He would find the proverbial "smoking gun" to prove this theory in the vast reaches of the Mojave Desert. The year was now 2004. The petroglyphs found at this site, now simply referred to as the North Mojave site revealed themselves as representing a largely uninterrupted set of alchemical and astrological symbols and traditions, stretching back for between 7,000 and 12,000 years or before the Current Era, and may actually record ideograms left at the site by visiting representatives of the Homo floresiensis species of Man, some 15,000 years before present!