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Spagyric Arts' Pure Zechstein Transdermal Liquid Magnesium Supplement – A Real Panacea

Among minerals, magnesium has been shown to be critically important in over 355 different bodily functions. It is magnesium that controls the body’s distribution of calcium (problems with this include everything from Osteoperosis to ‘stones’ and cataracts), and holds the telomeres of our DNA from unravelling during cell division operations (meiosis and mitosis). Magnesium is employed (priorly as a co-enzyme) in every stage of the Kreb’s Acid Cycle — the mechanism that produces cellular energy through the manufacture and breaking of glucose bonds.

Topical (transdermal) Magnesium supplementation has been hailed by some as the panacea of our age, and its deficiency our silent epidemic. Yet rising levels of contaminants in our sea waters today threaten the most convenient and soluble form of magnesium: natural liquid magnesium (chloride).

The contamination of our modern oceans by heavy metals (such as mercury and lead) and pollutants, makes it impossible to harvest a truly pure liquid magnesium from the sea. And yet a clean source of liquid magnesium is available thanks to the collaboration of geologists and medical experts.

The Zechstein Sea began as part of the ancient Tethy’s Sea (the central ocean of Pangea), with many of the characteristics of the Dead Sea today. Magnesium chloride, a natural salt of magnesium, was plentiful in this sea, and over millions of years this dense magnesium salt water worked its way deep into underground deposits through fissures in the earth.

Today the Zechstein Sea itself no longer exists. Yet the Zechstein salt beds — lying 2 miles below the surface of the earth — are a perfectly preserved snapshot of pure magnesium chloride in its natural state, as it once existed 250 million years ago. Unlike the Dead Sea — which has been subject to growing industrial pollution — the Zechstein Sea has remained sealed underground since the days of the dinosaurs. It is nature’s purest source of uncontaminated, concentrated magnesium chloride (hexahydrate).

Liquid magnesium chloride — sometimes referred to erroneously as ’magnesium oil’ due to its consistency and ‘slippery’ feel on skin — is simple to apply, and can be washed off the skin within 25 minutes, as it is absorbed up to 98% by this time. Simply apply our liquid magnesium to your skin. Wait 25 minutes or thereabouts, and wash off. It’s that simple.

For a major boost in cellular energy, coupled with the calming effect of magnesium on our nervous systems, a daily transdermal magnesium regimen will change your life. Do as millions of informed individuals are learning to do and ‘mag up’ with QuintaZential®, Spagyric Art’s pure Zechstein liquid magnesium, today!

For more information on the healing magic of Zechstein ‘Liquid Magnesium’ (aka Magnesium Oil), we recommend visiting a website run by doctors, who have compiled hundreds of pages of information and documentation on clinical studies on the health benefits of liquid Magnesium. The website is: <>.

This site also offers many studies showing the many links between magnesium deficiency and diseases, including cancer. Some of those participating on this site are published authors on magnesium and its he alt connection. Utilized in at least 355 biological processes within the human body, magnesium is one of the single most important minerals in our bodies. However, we seldom get enough, due to magnesium’s low levels in mass produced, non-organic produce, bad diets, and the consumption of junk food in our society. Statistical evidence links low levels of magnesium in drinking water to high cancer rates.

There is a reason why Zechstein liquid magnesium is so unique. It is not only due to its purity. What follows is a discussion of that theory.