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Our purpose for publishing our discoveries and insights, is to rectify a great loss of arcane knowledge. That these secrets must once more be made known among modern peoples, is our heartfelt belief. However, anciently it was the sad experience of most teachers of the ancient wisdom, that only those spiritually and intellectually prepared to receive such truths should be given them. Truly, history records what happens when such proverbial pearls are cast in front of dumb beasts. Not only are these truths not recognized for their real worth by those lacking the "ears to hear" and the "eyes, that they might see," but those who are not prepared to receive such things, always begin by looking upon those who prize such knowledge first with disdain, and eventually with envy and even hatred.

Originally based originally on a true understanding of the aetheric cosmology of the universe, what we now call toe Arcanum, was once a vast collection of ancient wisdom. These treasure of archaic knowledge, truths learned before the legendary "golden age" of Man, have been lost through the ages. The thrice-torched Library of Alexandria, the arson-set fire of the scriptorium of the Glastonbury Abbey, and the wanton destruction of esoteric temple sites world wide, all attest to Mankind's tendency to seek darkness rather than light.

In terms of human consciousness, mankind is devolving, not evolving. Recent scientific studies have verified that the brain of western peoples have been rapidly shrinking in size, with measurable losses in brain mass having occurred on the order of only 2,000 - 4,000 years. This is — biologically speaking — a blink of the geologic eye. The forebrains of human beings are getting larger; due to a reliance upon the written word, mathematics, and literalism in thinking. However, mankind's hind (or reptilian) brain — where intuition is obtained — is rapidly shrinking. Mankind is devolutionary. This runs contrary to the false scientific premise of Darwinian evolution, and demonstrates the folly of ontological reasoning based on materialist thinking, and grossly out of touch with the true cosmology.

Anciently, the symbol of the snake represented the principle of Man's struggle with the universal principles of duality. Serpents (reptiles) are highly polarized. They posses paired sexual organs, even forked tongues. This symbolizes mankind's late cerebral development. The nature of homid strengths lies both in the struggle with mental duality, as well as his massive neural net. We were designed to integrate duality, and reach out into — and embrace — the akasha (aetheric medium), the source of all consciousness.


The information we are imparting to our readers was once considered sacred. As will become clear, it represented a high science (in today's vocabulary) which could be misused if it fell into the wrong hands. History records that this is precisely what has happened. Through the ages those of darker purpose have also sought the Great Arcanum. For those who attained aspects of this 'science' the result was power over their fellow men. For some materialistic individuals, this is sort of power is addictive.

Our purposes for making this public now, is that we believe the 'cat' has been out of the proverbial 'bag'.' We hold that, since Himmler's SS began kidnapping Bon priests in the 1920s, darkness has finally ferreted out the ancient "sacred science," and subsequently turned it to the purposes of darkness. We maintain that all these advances came from a single breakthrough: an understanding of the true aetheric cosmology. It is for this reason — the real fear that their sacred science would be used for building weapons, as it had before — that the ancients hid the truth from the world. This is the source of the term OCCULT (meaning 'hidden').

Down through the ages enlightened human beings have first learned, and then passed on the sacred sciences of the Great Arcanum. From the lips of adepts, to the ears of initiates, from generation to generation it was passed. Key concepts were preserved in esoteric ideogrammatic symbols, and these were taught to each succeeding generation. These symbols were preserved in stone, on ancient parchments, and occasionally on other sophisticated surfaces, including crystals (the Emerald Tablet of Thoth) and gold and copper-alloy plates (both the Book of Mormon and the original Kolbrin books were etched into sheets of this gold and copper alloy).

One of the most famous libraries of ancient learning was that known as the Library of Alexandria. The Egyptians, it was said, offered safe haven to all vessels sailing their Mediterranean shores, but required captains to allow their priests to copy all texts on the craft for inclusion in their library. The originals were allegedly kept and the copies returned to the ship's owners.

The worldly were not to view this famous library as a bastion of knowledge, but as a threat to the current religious paradigms. The Library of Alexandria was torched not once, but three time, by the Romans, Christians and final Moslems. The Moslems, it is recorded, proclaimed proudly that "if it is not written in the Koran, then it is not worth reading."

History records that a similar fate befell the esoteric collection of 'wisdom texts' of Egyptian and Welsh Druidic gnostic Christians at Glastonbury, England. In 1184, it is alleged that agents of the English King, aligned with the Roman Church (for whom the words hermetic and heretic were considered synonymous), attempted to burn the scriptorium of the Glastonbury Abbey to the ground. Only about 1/3 of the texts associated with this collection (called the Kolbrin, today) survived.

Despite such dark moments in the history of esoteric-exoteric relations, it is also true that the Eleusinian Mysteries were conducted each year for almost 2,000 years, without such a public outcry. We suspect that this was due at least in part, to the fact that the Greeks — seeing the truth as an aspect of cosmology, and mysticism as merely another facet of true science — subsequently demystified aspects of the ancient Arcanum, and so had an easier time with the public, who did not see themselves as excluded.

We feel the time has come again to reveal this light once more — for the sake of human spiritual evolution. We are not in the position to reenact the 'mysteries' as the Greeks did at Eleusis, but we hope that our offering will be accepted by those seeking for real answers to those "terrible questions" of ontological philosophy.

For mankind cannot attain to that which it does not comprehend nor recognize. Trapped in the Maya of ego-mind, mankind slaves as a dumb beast, not comprehending that his existence is elsewhere in an eternal realm, and that this material he has clothed himself in represents a veil — a labyrinth of forgetfulness. Embedded within this labyrinth there is but one way out: illumination through ego-dissolution. This act of casting off ego identity (accomplished by overriding the Limbic and Endocrine system utilizing patterned stimuli, under the influence of entheogenic sacraments), had many names. The most familiar to modern adherents to Judeo-Christian belief systems would be a re-birthing or "baptism of fire."


Evolution advances in leaps, and these leaps follow changes in the equilibrium of nature. One of Darwin's greatest challenges was to explain the apparent contradictions of the "Cambrian Explosion" and his new theory of gradual change. True evolution is easily seen in the phylogenetic 'steps' from one group of animals to another, and has benefitted from cosmic catastrophes, both regional and global. As there is no smooth continuum between geologic ages (each ending abruptly due to comet and asteroid impacts), so evolutionary ages, and new leaps in the nature of life on earth (like the Cambrian 'explosion') follow the ecological disruptions following in the wake of such events. Modern students of the sciences have been taught to accept. Darwinian "evolution" as a fact. Instead, there is far more dynamic and complex system at work that survival of the fittest. Life is driven both by environmental catastrophes, as well by the energy of pure consciousness — which manifests itself on the physical level of the creation as sexual energy and an ever-reaching and unconscious desire for change and novelty.

[For more on the energetic/aetheric mechanisms of the biological creation, be sure to check out our amazing seminar, TRUE EVOLUTION. Information is available in our EVENING SEMINARS section on this website.]

As Hendrik Lorentz intuited, "consciousness" is the principle "fundamental" of the universe. The aether itself is pure consciousness. And so evolution itself is the prima facia evidence of this consciousness. As the esotericists and philosopher Ivanovitch Gurdjieff put it:

“The evolution of man is the evolution of his consciousness, and 'consciousness' cannot evolve unconsciously.”

As conscious human beings, our evolution is a matter of will. This will to become aware manifests itself as a transiting force in our lives. Alchemy is the manipulation of matter, for the sole purpose of re-energizing and re-vitalizing our bodies, so that they can continue to function as the "temple of man," to quote R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz. Alchemy is also the oldest science of mankind — using the term mankind to encompass all of the iterations of conscious, hominid species on earth.

Students of 'sacred science' discover this major theme under the surface of all ancient esoteric traditions. In mankind we see the paradox of the most advanced animal, possessing what appears retrograde sensorium. That is, we appear to be the crown of creation, and yet our eyesight is not as keen a a bird's, our sense of smell inferior to a canine's and our ability to hear insignificant to that of a bat. So what makes us so special? in a nutshell, putting aside the obvious opposing thumb and intellect as manifest advantages in the kingdom of the vertebrates, there is a single ability that Man possesses that the animals do not have. This is our ability to ignore our instincts, and to embrace novelty or change. Furthermore, we have the most advanced neural net on Earth. Brian size alone is not the key to consciousness. With this network we seek at-one-ment with the mystical.

Mankind can transcend the mortal 'veiled' consciousness, and stand 'face to face with God,' the manifestation of his own celestial form. And this is what Man first learned to do. Upon receiving consciousness from entheogens ingested during periods of comet catastrophes, he evolves 'consciousness.' As soon as he does, he recognizes the original source of this illumination. He then seeks mystical reunion with the divine on a more regular basis. And this, after all, is the intent of the ALL, that mankind should become at-one with it, to report back the experiences of consciousness to the source of all intelligence.

These at-one-ment rituals — based on the ingestion of entheogens —were common among all ancient enlightened civilizations. The primitive Amazonian Ayahuasca rituals are the pale reflection of the more sophisticated rituals once practiced across the planet, at sites such as the Great Pyramid (so called king's chamber), the temple complex at Eleusis,

With this theme ever-present in their philosophy, the ancient Egyptians called the Green Dragon elixirs (a milk of magnesia which traps the electrically neutral di-atoms of Cu and Au) the semen of Horus. This descriptive moniker seems out of place to our post-Elizabethan socially-programmed minds, but employing sexual themes was not considered base to the ancient mind. Of course their use of sexual imagery was not plebeian, but spiritual. Sexual potency was seen to be a gift from God, as mankind's procreative abilities were understood to be an extension of the creative power of the gods, and of the ALL itself.

As the ancients taught, it is the aether itself (or the Akasha, the ALL, or Soph, etc.) which drives the evolution of consciousness, which manifests as an ever more complex neural net in higher life forms. Each stage of phylogenetic progression manifested in the form of ever more advanced sensory attributes. This ever-expanding, all pervasive 'sexual' energy of creation, is the manifestation of the active principles of the aetheric medium. Hence, this is symbolically a male attribute — and is depicted as a up-pointing triangle.

This symbolism is clearly manifest in this remarkable lunar alignment, filmed at local moonrise, in the Saros Cycle year of 2007, on the evening of the Imbolc cross-quarter day. The rock art site depicted is that which we refer to only as Mojave North — a site dedicated to the harvesting of these Green Dragon elixirs from dolomitic limestone. The mineral here is extraordinarily high in the QE of Cu (copper) and Ag (silver), and so this site was one of the most important in the Americas. The site itself is an outcrop of pure white dolomite along an ancient lakeshore. This small rock art site (only perhaps 100' feet on each site), boasts alchemical and esoteric ideogrammatic symbols from virtually every Old World civilization, symbolism used clear beck before the Neolithic itself.

Symbols are pecked into the dolomitic limestone so that many only appear when the proper light angle is present: these symbols are literally Hidden In Light. Additionally, the site features over 50 solar and lunar, archaeoastronomical alignments, all tied into the use and preparation of alchemical elixirs made from this dolomite. Our chief researcher (Dorian Taddei) made alignment predictions at this site in 2005 and 2006. Two of these alignments were for lunar alignments that would take place only once ever 19 years, at the local full moon, on the evening preceding Imbolc. Such a precise prediction can only be made if one understands precisely the message such an alignment was meant to convey. The alignment appeared as predicted. This was one of four alignments predicted for this site, all based in the esoteric principles and symbolism of ancient alchemy and its associated occult traditions. This proves the correct interpretation of this site as an alchemical/astrological temple dedicated to the principles of cosmic consciousness, and the practice of the ancient rituals of esoteric alchemy.

We will describe one of these alignments, this one established by carving large stones to represent the male genitilia, designed to be sighted along similar to a rifle site. As shown below, there are two main alignment rocks. One is the shape of a male scrotum (testicular), and the other is an omphalos. The testicular stone acts as a rear site (notched), and the omphalos as the front site (post). The distant ridge of the top of the local Mountain Range (lying due east) is the third alignment point.

Looking east, the alchemist would sit in a specially marked stone seat, facing south, his feet placed in a tripled target ring petroglyph. This triple ring symbol represented the lunar eclipse with its Umbra and Penumbra. Turning his head towards the east (90º) — figuratively on the 'right hand of God' — he lines up two stones along an x-z axis, that lay about 20 and 25 feet to his left. This is similar to a modern rifle siting mechanism, the rear site being the notch in this unusually carved (but made to look like the result of natural erosion) stone, and the omphalos stone like the post.

There is also a natural line the was used to carve the notch in the forward sighting mechanism — it is a natural folded layering in the sedimentary layer, of darker material. The testicular stone's notch was carved to match this V-shaped fold. There is a matching V-shaped line in the omphalos stone, because the testicular stone was carved out of the same section of outcropped dolomite, only made to look like a separate rock (a very subtle hiding of the handiwork of man). This v-shaped line is also used in the alignment. The azimuth of the rising metonic cycle moon, is made more precise by aligning this notch (testicular stone) with the v-notch shaped line in the omphalos, this combination allowing precise centering, resolving any X-Z axis parallax, and providing the azimuth of the rising moon.

A man of normal height, sitting in this stone seat, then aligned the X-Z aligned stones with the tip of the omphalos just touching the ridge of the mountains immediately to the east of his position. This now pinpoints the altitude of the moon as it rises.

This alignment (as recored below) only occurs once every 19 years. At this time the moon (in the same phase) arises at precisely the dame point along the mountain range, with an error facto of only ≠ 2 hours. This is an interactive experience, an individual ritual of harmony with the earth. It was the manner of the ancient occultists to assist others to discover the truth directly, through there own mystical experience(s). It was these mystics whose teachings lie at the core of all ancient religions, and whose genius carved this magically hidden alignment complex into the side of this mountain between 4,000 BCE and 10,000 BCE. This is one of the oldest metonic lunar alignment complexes in North America, and the first ever discovered by a occult prediction.

As you may have guessed, from the image below, the full moon rises from the ompahos like semen from a the male organ. This was the symbolic message conveyed here, that Mankind is given the great blessing of CO-creation with the Creator. And, thanks to the elixir of life produced at this rock art site, the alchemist could extend his life in order to learn what was necessary in order to obtain his own evolutionary advantage, living long enough to become truly immortal. This alignment represents the "semen of Horus."

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The purpose of our various publications is to rectify a great loss of arcane knowledge. That these secrets must once more be made known among modern peoples, is our heartfelt belief. However, as has always been the case, only those spiritually and intellectually prepared to receive such truths should be given them. Truly, history records what happens when such proverbial pearls are cast in front of dumb beasts. Not only are these truths not recognized for their real worth, but those who are not prepared to receive such things, always begin by looking upon those who prize such knowledge first with disdain, and eventually with envy and even hatred.

Ancient iterations of Man were the result of a spontaneous evolution — a flipping of the switch, in terms of consciousness — within an animal primed for this evolutionary leap. Darwin, we hold, was quite incorrect in his thesis that the evolution of all species was a slow process of random expressions of genetic variation driven by the survival of individuals with fortunate mutations. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, modern man loves this theory because it eliminates the need for an overarching genesis or looming consciousness, to generate and populate his reality. Free then as the 'crown of creation' to dominate the entire planet, with no moral or spiritual repercussions, he proceeded to rape his own world. This is what McKenna called the "Dominator Culture."

However, our parasitic culture is actually a rather new invention. From the evidence at hand, it is quite clear that ancient Man generally lived harmoniously with nature, and he did so for a very long time. Only during the relatively short intervals (geologically speaking) of comet and/or asteroid-driven paroxysms of nature, did mankind revert collectively to his baser state. This is understandable. Eventually such a disaster would take its toll, putting an end to the Golden Age of prehistory. The record seems to indicate that following the great giant comet close encounter (ca. 1637 BCE), that resulted in the destruction of Egypt, and culminated in the invasion of the Hyksos (during the interregnum),

Ancient Man developed several interlocking 'sacred sciences' that enabled his reach for spiritual evolution. Alchemy, a truly ancient science, as we will show, was born of the need for extended life, that Man might learn to both live properly, and die properly. The theory is that the manner and state in which our mind exists in life, directly affects the trajectory of our consciousness, as we "shuffle off this mortal coil" and once more enter a state of ego-dissolution. The many "savior myths" of the ancient world can all be understood to address this theme, if properly understood.

However, as we shall see, the proper and controlled art of Alchemy — the manipulation of minerals and their processing to concentrate specific di-atomic materials, which reverse various entropic aspects of aging — required a knowledge of the influence of the aetheric fabric, modified as it is by the various influences of planetary and even galactic cycles, and driven by absolute motion through the aether. Hence, astrology was developed along side alchemy, and these two ancient sacred sciences are bound together wherever they are found. They are inseparable.

Today, mainstream scientists paint alchemy as the primitive antecedent of modern chemistry — its superior scion. However, those less quick to accept such conclusions may find themselves wondering if there was actually some truth to these pervasive and enduring myths of an ‘elixir of life?’ How could so many people — in fact, entire cultures — have been so very wrong? And why did some of the brightest men and women of the times think such things could exist? If there was no truth to the claims of the ancient sages, occult hierophants and esoteric alchemists, why did this sacred science persist for millennia?

Although modern astrology has deviated far from its archaic roots, and even been expanded to include deterministic nonsense that bears little resemblance to its roots in pre-historic times, it was also of great importance to the ancients, and its tenets were relied upon to make judgments concerning everything from the proper time to plant crops and conduct specific alchemical operations, to decisions of auspicious timing in matters of love and war.


Shown in their proper contexts, these ancient sciences are really sophisticated attempts to structure the activities of a person's lifetime in harmony with nature's cyclic, energetic presence. It is not ancient Man who lacks perspective, but modern, materialistic Man. As our race continues to destroy its planet's ecosystem, separate itself from natural foods, nature's cycles, and to ignore the impulse for spiritual at-one-ment with the Divine source of all light, Nature prepares the next cycle of comet cataclysms that level the playing field and insure that Mankind's evolution continues on track. The fall and rise of cultures, races and epochs, is the driving force of evolution: change. Ironically, Mankind fears change and worships stasis. His stone idols and massive temples bear witness to his insatiable desire for security on a planet itself born only through the violence of on-going cosmic disasters. As irony would have it, it is only out of catastrophe that true change occurs. Between periods of planetary chaos Mankind builds his empires, and blinds himself with vice and artifice. Nature's cycles insure the virility of its offspring through the cyclic reshuffling of the Tarot Deck of fate.

Those in antiquity who were intelligent and informed (in possession of esoteric truth) did not practice idol worship directed at comets, sacrificing to sky dragons and wolves, lightning gods and typhoons. These informed ancients, instead, taught their people that these events were necessary for the spiritual development of Man. From the Welsh esoteric 'wisdom text' known as the Kolbrin (from the Book of Creation) we learn that the ancients were not oblivious to the catastrophic history of their planet, the Earth having been created and ‘nurtured’ via cataclysms.

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[We include some esoteric insights in brackets]

Chapter Four - Affliction of God

CRT: 4:1 This comes from the scroll of Kerobal Pakthermin, who wrote, "The forbears of all the nations of man were once one people, and they were the elect of God who delivered all the Earth over to them, all the people, the beasts of the field, the creatures of the wasteland and the things that grow:

CRT: 4:2 They dwelt through long ages in lands of peace and plenty:

CRT: 4:3 "There were some who struggled harder, were more disciplined; because their forefathers had crossed the great dark void [reference to entheogenic re-birthing rituals]; their desires were turned Godward, and they were called “The Children of God."

CRT: 4:4 "Their country was undulating and forested. It was fertile, having many rivers and marshes. There were great mountains to the East and to the west, and in the North was a vast stony plain:

CRT: 4:5 "Then came the day when all things became still and apprehensive, for God caused a sign to appear in the Heavens, so that men should know the Earth would be afflicted, and the sign was a strange star [comet]:

CRT: 4:6 “The star grew and waxed to a great brightness and was awesome to behold. It put forth horns [Refers to a comets passing us aligned on the ecliptic. These are eclipsed during close encounters with earth. In past times this horned appearance this lead to worshiping the bull, which was used as a symbol of the age of Taurus, before being turned into an idol] and sang [em resonance effects were recorded as “trumpet” or “horn” blasts worldwide. We can identify this story as yet another referencing the comet/planet of 1637 BCE. aka as the Exodus story of the Israelites], being unlike any other ever seen. So men, seeing it, said among themselves, 'Surely, this is God appearing in the Heavens above us.' The star was not God, though it was directed by His design, but the people had not the wisdom to understand.”

CRT: 4:7 "Then, God manifested Himself in the Heavens, His voice was as the roll of thunders and He was clothed with smoke and fire [this close-encounter triggered global plate movements and global quakes]. He carried lightnings [electrostatic discharges due the comet's passage and its affect on the aether] in His hand, and His breath, falling upon the Earth, brought forth brimstone and embers. His eye was a black void and His mouth an abyss containing the winds of Destruction. He encircled the whole of the Heavens, bearing upon His back a black robe [the Earth passed through the tail and was bathed in dust thick enough to blot out the stars for some time, and numerous smaller comet bodies and fireballs were seen in this tail] adorned with stars:”

CRT: 4:8 “Such was the likeness and manifestation of God in those days. Awesome was His countenance; terrible His voice of wrath; the sun and moon hid themselves in fear and there was a heavy darkness over the face of the Earth” [such deep fault quakes release lots of dark volcanic mists,often preventing fires from being lit].

CRT: 4:9 “God passed through the spaces of the Heavens above with a mighty roar and a loud trumpeting [another reference to EM resonance reaching audible levels]. Then came the grim dead silence and black red lit twilight of doom [this pale red dust is the molecular Cyanogens produced by large comets. The intense concentrations of this deadly dust has now been verified in most large comets: Hale-Bopp, Hyakutake, etc.]. Great fires and smoke rose up from the ground and men gasped for air. The land was rent asunder and swept clean by a mighty deluge of waters [tsunamis effected the entire planet]. A hole opened up in the middle of the land; the waters entered, and it sank beneath the seas:
CRT: 4:10 “The mountains of the East and West were split apart and stood up in the midst of the waters, which raged about. The Northland tilted and turned over on its side” [The earth tilted up and returned back to its original positon].
CRT: 4:11 "Then again, the tumult and clamour ceased, and all was silent. In the quiet stillness, madness broke out among men, frenzy and shouting filled the air [Immanuel Velikovsky well documented the amnesia and psychosis driven by these sorts of events. Few were not affected by having their world and lives literally shattered]. They fell upon one another in senseless, wanton bloodshed; neither did they spare woman or child, for they knew not what they did [classic pychotic break scenario]. They ran unseeing, dashing themselves to destruction. They fled to caves, and were buried and, taking refuge in trees, they were hung. There was rape, murder and violence of every kind."

CRT: 4:12 "The deluge of waters swept back, and the land was purged clean. Rain beat down unceasingly, and there were great winds. The surging waters overwhelmed the land, and man, his flocks and his gardens and all his works ceased to exist."

CRT: 4:13 “Some of the people were saved upon the mountainsides and upon the flotsam, but they were scattered far apart over the face of the Earth. They fought for survival in the lands of uncouth people. Amid coldness, they survived in caves and sheltered places." [Cold is due to regional or global dust overage. This dust could have been due to land impacts or the duct from the comet's tail.]

CRT: 4:14 “The Land of the Little People and the Land of Giants, the land of the Neckless Ones and the Land of Marshes and Mists, the Lands of the East and West were all inundated. The Mountain Land and the Lands of the South, where there is gold and great beasts, were not covered by the waters” [West Africa was apparently affected less than other continents, probably due to its overall height as a continent.].

CRT: 4:15 "Men were distracted and in despair. They rejected the Unseen God behind all things for something, which they had seen and known by its manifestation. They were less than children in those days and could not know that God had afflicted the Earth in understanding and not willfully, for the sake of man and the correction of his ways.” [Note: Widespread idol worship follows each of these events].

CRT: 4:16 "The Earth is not for the pleasure of man, but is a place of instruction for his Soul. A man more readily feels the stirrings of his Spirit in the face of disaster than in the lap of luxury. The tuition of the Soul is a long and arduous course of instruction and training.”

CRT: 4:17 “God is good, and from good, evil cannot come. He is perfect, and perfection cannot produce imperfection. Only the limited understanding of man sees imperfection in that, which is perfect for its purpose.”

CRT: 4:18 'This grievous affliction of man was another of his great tests. He failed and in so doing followed the paths of unnatural gods of his making. Man makes gods by naming them, but where in this is the benefit to him?'

CRT: 4:19 “Evil comes into the midst of mankind spawned by the fears and ignorance of men. An evil man becomes an evil spirit, and whatever evil there is on Earth comes either from the evil of spirits or the evil of men."

CRT: 5:1 Now, the Children of God were moulded by the Hand of God, which is called Awen, and it manifested according to their desires. For all things that have life are moulded by Awen. The fox, shivering in the cold lands, longs for warmth and so its cubs have coats, The owl, clumsy in the dam, longs to see its prey more clearly, and in generations of longing, the desire is granted. Awen makes everything what it is, for all things change under its law.

[Note: This is the correct understanding of what drives ontological changes at the level of the alleles. This is what drives true evolution; not chance, but it is driven by a desire to become like God. There has NEVER been a case of “forward” evolution seen by scientists. All the coding needed is buried in our genetic code. There is NO ‘junk DNA.']

CRT: 5:2 Men, too, are moulded by their desires, but unlike the beasts and birds, their yearings are circumscribed by the laws of fate and destiny and the law of sowing and reaping. These, the desires, modified by the laws, are called Enidvadew. Unlike the beasts and birds, this, in man, is something relating to him rather than to his offspring, though they are not untouched by it.

CRT: 5:3 Destiny may be likened to a man who must travel to a distant city, whether or not he wishes to make the journey, the destination being his destiny. He may choose whether to go by way of a river or by way of a plain; whether across mountains or through forests, on foot or horseback, slow or fast, and whatever befalls because of this decision is fate. If a tree falls on him because he chose the forest path, it was fated, for luck is an element of fate. Destiny leaves no choice; late gives limited choice which may be good or bad, but it cannot be averted. What is fated must be, for at no point can there be any turning back.

CRT: 5:4 The circumstances, Enidvadew, of the traveller conform to the law of sowing and reaping; he may travel in comfort or pain, happily or sorrowfully, with strength or weakness, heavily burdened or lightly burdened, well prepared or ill prepared. When the destination is set according" to the degrees of a former life, then the circumstances of the journey should conform with the desire. For what use is it desiring a great destination when the law of sowing and reaping decrees that an intolerable burden must be carried on the way? Far better to have lesser aspirations. The decrees of fate are many; the decrees of destiny are few.

CRT: 5:5 When the Earth was young and the race of man still as children, there were fertile, green pastures in the lands where all is now sand and barren wasteland. In the midst of it was a gardenland, which lay against the edge of the Earth, eastward towards the sunrising, and it was called Meruah, meaning The Place of The Garden on the Plain. It lay at the foot of a mountain, which was deft at its rising, and out of it flowed the river of Tardana, which watered the plain. From the mountain, on the other side, ran the river Kal, which watered the plain through the land of Kaledan. The river Nara flowed westward and then turned back to flow around the gardenland.

CRT: 5:6 It was a fertile place, for out of the ground grew every kind of tree that was good for food and every tree that was pleasant to the sight. Every herb that could be eaten and every herb that flowered was there. The Tree of life, which was called Glasir, having leaves of gold and copper [This references the specific mineralogy of the two parts of the “Elixir of Life” – the one (red) primarily consisting of gold and Iridium OMMPAs, and the other (green) possessing high levels of copper, rhodium and silver], was within the Sacred Enclosure. There, too, was the Great Tree of Wisdom bearing the fruits of knowledge granting the choice and ability to know the true from the false [entheogenic reference]. It is the same tree, which can be read as men read a book . . . [stimulates the visual cortex, and therefore pattern recognition. The term as “men read a book:” refers here to the manner in which prophets were enabled to ‘reveal’ the symbolic messages encoded into those sacred writings scribed by those who had undergone the same experiences (rituals). This is not referencing the mere reading of characters in a profane text, as we know it today].


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Comet Lovejoy, entering the solar system along the ecliptic, is seen standing on its head ("a pillar of smoke by day . . . a column of fire by night"), Dec, 2011


Recent scientific studies focused on the properties of water, have revealed a new paradigm in the sciences. It is now understood that pure H2O literally stores vibrational patterns. Not unlike radio signals — which through variances in amplitude and/or frequency can be encoded with intelligence — H2O can encode what the Nobel Prize-winning virologist Luc Montagnier calls "signals." Water's unique, superconducting, dynamic structure retains — dynamically — three-dimensional, geometrical information. However, water has the potential to retain information of far more complexity than radio signals. Additionally, this intelligence that is also energetic, means that properly hydro-encoded information can (and does) do work as well.

Within the pages of this site (and related sites: and we explore a radically new (actually incredibly old!) series of theories of the nature to the cosmology, biology, consciousness and spirituality. We hold that only a single, correct understanding of the underlying structure and forces of this universe (its cosmology) can explain all we see and experience, both physically (indirect experience) and spiritually/intuitively (aetherically). The search for this single unifying cosmological theory was once the pursuit of Classical Physics. It has been called a TOE (Theory of Everything), or GUT (Grand Unified Theory). We hold that modern science has completely lost its way. Awash in a sea of contradictions, mathematical metaphors and inductive logic, 21st century science is groping its way through a darkened maze, unable to fide its way. Instead, we propose that the truth is a labyrinth, which — unlike a maze — has only one way in and out. As we search for the meaning of life, we become as one with the ancient labyrinth dancer, and become one in our comprehension of the unity of all energy and matter in this aetheric cosmology. One whose third or Greater Eye has been opened, sees the universe for what it is, the projection of a single vast intelligence that Hermetists called The ALL. This is the goal of our work, to understand, and to teach, this one TRUE cosmology.

We feel it necessary to make one let point at this juncture. It is a very popular position, among 'fringe' science researchers, to attribute advanced scientific knowledge to some form of alien, extraterrestrial intelligence. We believe this is an unsupported position. We hold firmly to a theory of biological evolution that suggests an energetic, spiritual drive behind physical evolution, and hold the Darwinian paradigm to be greatly mistaken in most of its tenets. If, as we maintain, evolution is driven by the subconscious desires of living organisms, interacting on the level of the aetheric, then there is every reason to believe that Mankind was once not only far more intuitive than he is today, but also far smarter (speaking individually as opposed to collectively).

Studies conducted in the early part of the new millennium at the University of Utah, suggests that mankind is actually growing dumber, not smarter. Devolution is totally consistent with both the Law of Entropy, as well as the claims of ancient philosophers in India, who explained this phenomena describing five the ages of Man. 19th century Theosophists refer to this as the Root Races, and claimed that we are the last in the current cycle of Man.

The 20th century polymath and esotericist, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz concurred with this assessment, and was the first esotericist in the 20th century to suggest a spiritually energetic alternative to Darwin's theory of accidental evolution. The concept that an energy, or structural force is driving forward evolutionary progress, shares fundamental tenets with the contemporary theory of biologist Rupert Sheldrake, who has modeled the energetic driving forces behind biological, negentropic structures based in the idea of "morphic" or "morphogenic" resonant fields.


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