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Weekend Workshops are — seasonal weather permitting — linked to expeditions overseen by Tetraskele, Inc. Participation in the Expedition section of any Workshop is FREE to all paid, and registered Workshop participants. Please note, however, that SEPARATE REGISTRATION is required for both the Workshop and any corresponding Expedition event(s). Participation in Expedition events is based in approval by Tetraskele Principals, approved in advance, so please register early.

Registration for Expedition events is FREE, and participants are also free to invite other friends or family members, but these additional members of the expedition MUST BE APPROVED by Tetraskele, Inc, as well. There will be no exceptions. Please refer to our calendar of events by clicking here.

We need to make it clear up front that our company is offering students of alchemy and occult archaeology a rare chance to participate with us in field research. Although Tetraskele will place deposits on campsites, and develops detailed itineraries for its expeditions, we assume no responsibility for any participant's personal Expedition planning. We collect no money for these extensions of our Workshop training. Participants in our Workshop and Seminar courses are INVITED to accompany us on our Expeditions, this is all.

Additionally, although we hate to throw in the legal disclaimers, please read the following carefully.


  • Choose Expeditions that are suitable to your fitness level, condition and skill level
  • Partake in Expeditoins in a responsible manner
  • Carry sufficient travel/towing insurance should your vehicle break down or become disabled
  • Make sure that your monetary resources are adequate for the duration of the Expedition
  • Always use a common-sense approach
  • Listen to your Tetraskele representative

By making use of this website, and if approved for Expedition participation, you release and indemnify

Read the Release and Indemnity below, and if you do not agree with it, you should not sign up for the “expedition field work” section of our Seminars or Workshops.

Participation in our Expeditions is note required for Seminar or Workshop attendance. We offer our assistance in travel preparation and planning, and in-field participation, merely as a courtesy to fellow researchers and the friends of Tetraskele. For this reason there is no charge for participation. This means you come as a guest of Tetraskele and its representatives, and are expected to act accordingly.



Please read carefully before continuing to use this website, and before registering for Expedition participation.

I understand that Tetraskele, Inc., as mentioned here, includes its enterprises, its directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives.

I am aware that any form of travel, including but not limited to, driving, walking, hiking, trip planning contains some inherent risks of illness, injury or death, which may be caused by negligence of others, the characteristics of hotels or other lodgings and its surroundings, physical exertion for which I am not prepared, consumption of alcoholic beverages, forces of nature, or other agents known or unknown.

I acknowledge that the enjoyment of field archaeology, and my interest in sharing in the discoveries of Tetraskele principals, is a reason for my participation, and I understand the inherent risk of such travel. I am also aware that medical facilities may not be readily available or accessible during some of the time in which I am participating in the trip.

I also acknowledge that I have received no information from, its principals, employees or representatives that in any way minimizes the risks of such travel.

Therefore in consideration of any expedition travel listed on this website, or travel arrangements made on my behalf by, or by an agent, I agree to:

1. ASSUME AND ACCEPT ALL RISKS, DANGER AND HAZARDS, including without limitation, illness, injury, death, loss or damage to my person or property, in any way connected with travel and expedition participation by me that may be listed on

2. WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS that I may have against in respect of such travel.

3. RELEASE AND DISCHARGE from any and all liabilities for any loss, damage, injury or expense that I, or my next of kin or personal representatives, may suffer or incur as a result of my participation in travel arranged by or listed upon, INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF

4. INDEMNIFY AND SAVE HARMLESS from any and all liabilities for property damage, personal injury or death suffered by me or by a third party as a result of my participation in expeditions listed on

5. I further agree that this release and indemnity shall be binding upon me, my heirs, next of kin, personal representatives and any minor accompanying me. I agree that this release and indemnity, and all rights and liabilities referred to herein, shall be interpreted in accordance with and governed by the laws of The State of Oregon, and any action arising therefrom shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Oregon, United States of America.

I have carefully read this release and indemnity and fully understand its contents.
I am aware that this document affects my legal rights and liabilities and those of my
heirs, next of kin and personal representatives

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