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Intimately linked to astrological conditions, the production of the Elixir Vitae was the precursor to the Philosopher's Stone. In order to understand its mechanism of action on the human body, and the atomic nature of the quinta essentia it contained, requires an intimate understanding of the true aether cosmology, and the processes at work in the creation of OMMP di-atoms.
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Itinerary map of the Neolithic Alchemy rock arts site trip – Saturday's expedition section of the "Exilir Vitae" workshop.

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Itinerary map of the Columbia River Esoteric Rock Art field trip – Sunday's expedition section of the "Exilir Vitae" workshop.

• August 2013 - Special Introductory Seminar (6pm, Aug 02) • Saturday Workshop (1pm - 9pm, Aug 03) • • 4-day Occult Archaeological Field Expedition (7am, Aug 3rd - 1pm, Aug 7th) •


For our second Workshop-Expedition offering of the Summer of 2013, we present “The Elixir Vitae (Ancient Alchemy Revealed." This is nothing less than an overview of the actual mineralogy, chemistry and atomic physics of the Philosopher's Stone! The 'Elixir Vitae' was the aqueous solution that was the precursor to the 'Stone' itself. The contents of this concoction have been at the center of centuries of heated debate and have remained shrouded in mystery . . . until now!

This interdisciplinary weekend Workshop includes both seminars and actual field archaeology. A short lecture Friday evening offers an introduction to Saturday's trip to a Neolithic period alchemy processing site, clarifying what students will experience in the field, what they will be looking at and for, and why. Saturday morning attendees will hike a short distance along the Columbia River to examine the Neolithic (cup and groove and cup & ring) petroglyphs to gain deeper insights into the mineralogy, geology, and processing of the Elixir if Life. There are two major groupings, each in a different stone. Both sites feature different processing technologies and the processing at each site is likely separated by millennia of time. Students will be challenged to explore the differences, come up with possible processing techniques used, and asked to identify petroglyphs at each site that might provide clues as to the methodologies employed at each.

Saturday's 8-hour training session will begin at 1:00pm. It will delve into many aspects of the creation of the Elixir Vitae, based both in the work and discoveries of Dorian Taddei (and associates), and the decipherment of ancient texts from various sources, outlining the production of this 'elixir.' A number of examples of emblematic art from the renaissance will be examined, and a complete picture of the nature of this alchemical Opus will be revealed for the first time in centuries! Additional information will be provided as we explore the occult history, mineralogy, geology atomic physics behind one the 'quinta essentia' itself, the key to both the Green and Red Dragon elixirs, the Elixir Vitae, and the lapis philosophorum itself.

This sweeping alchemical exegesis is followed, beginning early Sunday morning, by an all-day field trip to study various aspects of the occult history of the lower Columbia River. This expeditionary field trip includes stops at four rock art sites, two museums and several scenic attractions along the way, including the full sized Stonehenge replica overlooking the Columbia River "Dalles" and stunning Multnomah Falls. There will be plenty of time for photos of the scenic environs, and an optional dinner in Portland, for those who have the time to participate. Dorian will offer a wrap-up of the weekend's experience by offering a few insights into the future of alchemy, and the need for continued research into the occult history of the United States.


This Workshop kicks off with a short introductory seminar and preliminary meeting on Friday evening, September 20th. Discussion will focus on the purpose of Saturday's Workshop field trip, including the final arrangements for car pools (where needed), and to run over itinerary specifics. This will run from 6:00pm tp 8:00pm. Attendance is optional but highly recommended.

Broken into two seminars, and including actual field archaeology, students will learn to decipher the esoteric ideograms (know as petroglyphs and pictograms) at various sites along the lower Columbia River. Artifacts once carved into rock arts sites as roadmaps, instructions, and warnings to fellow alchemists. Linked to alchemical and placer-mining operations conducted here through the millennia, these enigmatic, ideogrammatic symbols and compound sigils, are all the remains of a forgotten, secret New World agenda — the conducted on behalf of humanity, and as a precursor for the planned settlement of the New World (known anciently as the Underworld). This is shown to have been an on-going, secret tradition.

Since those participating in this exploration — and the initiation of Ameridians into the ancient esoteric orders of the Underworld — took oaths of silence concerning their knowledge and training (in what was variously known as hermeticism, the Great Arcanum, and so on), this ancient program was unknown to the initiated.

Part of the focus of the workshop is a review of the pre-history of alchemy integrating a wide-range of related topics, and examines exclusive evidence never understood until now! Our seminal breakthroughs into the occult traditions once taught clear across the planet! provide an absolutely unique and coherent basis for understanding both the history and origins of Alchemy, as well as its connections to Astrology. This is an extraordinary opportunity for those truly seeking the ancient knowledge as it once existed in the legendary Golden Age!

This first in-field research expedition will introduce aspects of the mineralogy and geology of the three types of prima materia — encountered in ancient alchemy. This WA site represents the Igneous geology, one of thee types of minerals. Student will learn of the three types of stone used by the ancients, and the mineralogy associated with them. This first foray into the field introduces the Red Dragon mineralogy to the student of alchemy.

Heading back to St Helens student will break for lunch, and then begin their Saturday training, which begins with breakthroughs in the atomic physics of the Quinta Essentia (the five di-atoms important to the ancient alchemists), and then the seminar works its way into other related topics important to those attempting the Great Work, including: mineralogy of the 3 mineral types, discussions of heat/pressures associated with the formation of OMMPA di-atoms (aka ORMEs, M-State, ORMUS, etc.).

Students will be shown the ultimate goal of the alchemists was the Elixir Vitae, the precursor to the "stone" itself. What this stone is, and critical information on the approach to its manufacture, concern the student for the remainder of the afternoon/evening.

Students will learn what the White Stone means, and the Red Stone will be contrasted — these are the Green and Red Dragon, respectively. Workshop attendees will see a live demonstration of the manufacture of the Green Dragon, and learn how the quinta essential are "trapped" in any form of mineral processing. Students will see learn to read ancient mineralogical maps carved into stone, to understand the various manners in which petroglyphs encoded both alchemical and astrological information, and will be shown the connections between alchemy and astrology, thus explaining the true meaning of the occult maxim: "As above, so below."

Ancient petroglyphs from all across the globe are highlighted, and their meanings explored and explained to students. This knowledge will forever alter the paradigms we have come to accept concerning the primitive nature of ancient cultures the world over. Western euro-centric history will be shown to utterly miss the point, and students will learn of the true spiritual and connections between esoteric orders and their secret knowledge of the existence and future of the land we now know of as North America. Taddei's discovery of one of the most important occult archaeological artifacts in America, the "Lyra Stone." will be presented as an introduction to a visit to the actual artifact (a feature of Sunday's expedition trip).

Come with us as we re-trace the "corridors of the Magi," following rock art sites from the Lower Columbia River. Learn the 'counts' marked into the ancient petroglyphs of this area of the Pacific Northwest, marking the luni-solar and planetary syzygies (originally established to mark the best times to process prima materia 'rock' into the "elixir of life") which were used to keep track of the cyclic visits of the ancient occult 'teachers' from the other side of the planet, known to Amerindians as the "great white brother."

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FRIDAY, Sept 20th: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
SATURDAY, Sept 21st: 1:00pm - 9:00pm

A preliminary seminar covering the details of then Neolithic rock at site (visited Saturday AM) runs from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, Friday, September 20th. The principle workshop seminar begins after lunch (and the return of the Sat morning expedition team), 1:00pm, Saturday, September 21st.

There is no charge for expedition trips, but the seminar is mandatory for a full comprehension of the sites visited during our trip. The basic itinerary is attached, along with a map of the locations visited. Details will be made available to registered seminar attendees.

Note: Seminar attendees are encouraged to experience this rare opportunity for actual occult archaeology in the field. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain insights into the TRUE history of America, to understand the ancient occult knowledge passed to Amerindian initiates for thousands of years, and to gain a knowledge of ancient alchemy as it was taught and practiced before the advent of history. Details of some of the highlights of these two seminal expedition experiences, are listed below.

Tetraskele, Inc. does not act as travel agents. Seminar attendees will be responsible for their own transportation (any carpool arrangement are established mutually among attendees following Friday night's preliminary meeting) and expenses. There are 2 Fees associated with the 2 museums visited of $8.00-9.00 per person (senior and military discounts are available) each.

Attendees may bring friends and family members along with them if they choose, but they will need to make independent reservations for themselves and guests. Our expedition trips were established for 20 persons only.

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SaturdayWorkshop attendees will depart St Helens (or optionally, meet with the caravan at a designated location in Portland), and together the group will travel to WA State, to an ancient prima materia processing location where petroglyphs dating back between 6.500 and 10,000 years are examined in situ.

Petroglyph sites have come under increased attack from thieves and vandals over the last few decades. Preservation of these precious heritage sites is paramount. The attendees invited to participate on these in situ visits must be clear on the protocols used to preserve these sites for future generations. Normally access to such sites is strictly controlled by archaeologists and anthropologists, and only scholars and researchers associated with major universities are ever allowed to these locations. For this reason our students are also asked to understand and apply the protocols required to maintain the integrity of this rock art. Those unwilling to follow guidelines will NOT BE INVITED to this location.

These rock art sties are only reached by crossing private land, and so attendees must be in this group and understand the protocols for both the preservation of the site, as well courtesies extended to our patron. Among these protocols is the policy maintained by all government agencies and college researchers, who are always asked to shoot no photographs that reveal the precise location of the site (through the inclusion of background imagery). These topics and more will be discussed at the Friday meeting.

Alchemical (ideogrammatic, esoteric) petroglyphs are encountered and students are shown how to interpret them correctly. There are only a few ideogrammatic petroglyphs at this rock arts site. All have been determined to be alchemical in nature. Students will be encouraged to compare ideogrammatic petroglyphs found at the site to one of the most important alchemical symbol charts of the Renaissance from the "Last Will and Testament" of Basil Valentine.

Alchemical processing techniques will be examined, and the methodology of the processing interpolated from the evidence at hand, in situ. The represents a major breakthrough both for archaeology as well as alchemy and astrology. Additionally, Dorian will demonstrate the purpose of the equally mysterious "Cup & Ring" and "Cup & Groove" petroglyphs cupules and associated marks. The meaning of these marks — a global phenomena — as stumped the world's most renowned archaeologists and anthropologists for centuries. Now, this answers will be shown to be simple, logical — yet only from an occult perspective. This will be a real Third Eye-opener for students of all occult disciplines. The student will recognize the global impact of these revelations, as well as the importance to their own work in alchemy.

Seeing the Great Work in its ancient splendor, being able to decipher the ancient petroglyphs — hidden from the world for millennia — is exhilarating, and awe inspiring. And this is only the first of two expeditions covered in this workshop.


Friday, Sept 20th (7:00pm - 9:00pm) [FREE]:
•Pre-site lecture introducing information on the ancient rock art sites under review during Saturday's Seminar, specifically covering sites to be visited during the field-alchemy expedition to the "Neolithic Alchemical" rock art site south of Camas, Washington (Saturday morning's destination).
•Expedition itinerary overview and carpool assignments discussed

Saturday, Sept 21st (7:00am - 12:00am) [FREE - Invitation Only*]
•Visit to the oldest alchemical processing sites (cup and groove, cup & ring site) on the West Coast of North America. This is by invitation only, and is limited to 18 guests (total of 20 people) as access is through private land. Permission was granted by property owner exclusively to Dorian Taddei and Tetraskele, Inc.

Saturday, Sept 21st (1:00pm - 9:00pm) [FEE: $145.00]:
•Tetraskele 'Workshop' seminar: "The Elixir Vitae: Ancient Alchemy Revealed." This seminar runs for 7 hours plus 1 hour break (mid-seminar) for dinner [total time 8 hours].

• Attendees will receive a sweeping overview of occult perspective. The pre-history, pre-Egyptian and occult history of alchemy — and its ties to astrology — will be provided, including an overview of evidence for, and processes used in alchemical traditions stretching back 260,000 to perhaps 650,000 years BP.

• The various minerals used at different times in the history of alchemy, and at various locations across the planet, will be covered in detail. Never-before understood processes, the mineral nature of the various types of Prima Materia harvested from various locations on Earth, examples of the petrology, mineralogy and geologic processes at work in the formation of Prima Materia minerals harvested by the ancients, will be explored on a case-by-case basis.

• Methods of field processing of ores for the production of the Green and Red Dragon/Lion "Elixirs of Life" will be covered for various sites in Europe, Asia, Asia Minor and North America, on a case-by-case basis.

• The astrological connection between planetary-aetheric influences and the two primary types of alchemical processing (Red vs. Green Dragon, aka White vs. Red Stones) will be explained, and examples shown of lunar-solar observational rock art sites, petroglyphic encoding and timing indicators. NOTE: The WA occult archaeology field trips focus heavily on these factors.

• Rock Art Maps will be discussed. These primitive maps were alchemically encoded using occult ideograms, and describe locations and minerals targeted at different locations near these maps were collected and/or processed on site.


Saturday, September 20th & Sunday, September 22nd

[FREE: for all Paid Seminar Attendees]:


Our first field trip is to a site normally not accessible to the public, unless one travels by boat. This may well be a once in a lifetime chance to personally experience occult archaeology and alchemical at in situ sites along the major transcontinental river route of the Western United States.

We begin, early Saturday morning, by visiting a site just downriver from the city of Camas, Washington. Ancient hierophant-alchemist-astrologers risked the dangers of transoceanic travel to come to North America, in order to map the country's resources. Their mission was to teach the Amerindians, and initiate them into their esoteric orders and to teach them the occult traditions of the Old World, whenever possible. However, they also harvested ores (both for alchemical work as well as precious metals, as conditions allowed), and established trade among the Amerindian tribes. One of the locations that they stopped, to harvest and process alchemical ores, was at this location, on the north banks of the Columbia River, in what is now Washington State, in the United States.

Our first expedition field-trip allows the student to retrace the research of Dorian Taddei (and associates) that has resulted in an avalanche of new — and as yet an unpublished — series of major occult discoveries at sites all over America. This site — known among archaeologists simply as the Ten-Mile Tavern rock art site — is an mineral processing site, where actual alchemical rituals and procedures were practiced, from the beginning of the holocene, down to the late neolithic. Most of these boulders were andesitic lava that flowed from two cones in the Camas area, but even earlier cupules will be examined carved into basalt. These are all truly ancient examples of the harvest of Red Dragon/Red Lion minerals, as attendees will discover.

Alchemical "Cup & Groove" and "Cup & Ring" petroglyphs are viewed in their true context
as an alchemical laboratory in stone. Private Riverfront location, Camas, WA

The second of this Workshop's seminar-field research trips departs St Oregon, Oregon at 7:00am, Sunday morning (and Portland rendezvous is at 8am) August 3rd. The Tetraskele caravan will travel to a site just below the Bridge of the Gods (modern location of the Bonneville Dam), and follow the Columbia River east. This trip concludes in at John Day Dam, on the Washington side, in the afternoon.

Expedition highlights:

• Attendees will visit one of the most important rock art sites from Neolithic times, located along the Columbia River just east of Vancouver, Washington. This site is not normally accessible to anyone but research scientists.

• We visit the original location — as well as the present-day location — of one of the most important pieces of evidence supporting Old World/New World (occult) diffusion: The Lyra Stone. This 'smoking gun' artifact (ca. 2300 BCE) is a carved basaltic boulder. It provides evidence for the millennia-long occult agenda, here in pre-Columbian (prehistoric) North America.

This rock is the subject of a section of Saturday's seminar, which will prepare students for an up close and personal, in-depth analysis of the Lyra Stone itself. This rock proves a connection between the ancient esoteric 'teachers' of the Amerindians, and the later knowledge of the existence of North (and Central/South) America by modern occult groups like the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians and the Masonic "founders" of the United States of America (as trained by Francis Bacon).

• We will visit 2 museums with petroglyphs saved from inundation by rising river waters along the Columbia. There are also numerous photographs of in situ rock art panels as part of the Museum exhibits. Students will learn to understand ancient encoded luni-solar counting systems, and come to understand the purpose of these unique Northwest area petroglyphs.

• Visits to two in situ rock art sites, and three outdoor rock art exhibits located along the Columbia River (Washington side).

• All sites visited add credence to the theory of visits of ancient astrologer-priest-navigators to the Old World . Modern students of the occult will unveil their travels from the evidence of these 'stones of time.'

Lyra Stone, hard evidence of the pre-knowledge of the destiny of America, as taught by all
Old World schools of occult learning, and there reality of regular visits by occultists
from Europe and Asia to the Americas.


All attendees will be carpooling, and car pools will be established both via pre-seminar communications and also during Friday night's preliminary meeting (6:00pm - 8:00pm) in St Helens, for those who can make it.

Itinerary details are available as a PDF file (see button below). Equipment/Supplies lists, as well as other useful information, will be e-mailed to prospective attendees upon request, and automatically e-mailed to your supplied e-mail address upon receipt of REGISTRATION for any WORKSHOP.

Contact us directly at

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